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3D Printer Nozzle Sizes


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Finger Lakes Region, NY
I just bought an assorted nozzle size kit from Creality for my Ender 5 Plus. It came with two nozzles each of:

0.2 mm
0.3 mm
0.5 mm
0.6 mm
0.8 mm
1.0 mm

And it came with twelve 0.4 mm nozzles, probably because they make twelve times more of those than the other sizes :p

I started off with a 0.2 mm nozzle to try to get finer detail with 1/265 scale miniatures. Unfortunately I had constant problems with nozzle clogging and none of the solutions I could fine worked, so I gave up on the 0.2 mm nozzle and won't even try the 0.3 mm nozzle. I figure that I should save my money for a SLA resin printer and curing station equipment if I really want to get better detail!

After running some printing scenarios with Cura, I decided to try the 0.6 mm nozzle. Again I'm printing 1/265 scale miniatures at 0.12 mm layer height, and so far it's great! I can get comparable detail to the 0.4 mm nozzle but with about 25% less printing time. It's even better with bigger, less-detailed objects.

Right now I'm printing fourteen 40 mm X 2 mm hexes at a 0.4 mm layer height. They'll be done in about two hours. If I ran the same job with a 0.4 mm nozzle at 0.3 mm layer height, it would finish up in about 3.5 hours. So I'm able to print about 40% faster with the bigger nozzle between the thicker line width and allowable thicker layer height.

So if you have a FDM 3D printer, I strongly suggest you give this a try, especially if you're printing bigger objects!
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