Driver's Wiper Control Location Mod For My M923


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This is probably something very minor for many but resolved an on-going issue for me.

The as-designed placement of the drivers' side wiper switch requires you to reach awkwardly (IMO) behind the turn signal lever and the associated wiring harness/cannon plug. Trying to turn the wiper on in a hurry to respond to a downpour, adjust the speed or to just turn them on and off to clear light light rain while bouncing down the road has always been a frustration for me. I inevitably hit and activate the turn signal lever or get hung up on the light switch while trying to get to the wiper control, especially if wearing gloves, long sleeves, sweatshirts, etc.

So to make it easier and safer for me to activate the wiper, I moved the control to under the dash.

The supply air line had enough length to reach as-is and I only needed to add a 90 degree elbow and associated fittings to align it properly and connect it up in the new location. Of course I also needed to add longer flexible lines up through the dash to hook up to the hard lines at the base of the windshield. I had an unused switch bracket from a different project and I repurposed it for the wiper control mount. The unused bracket holes are already there at the bottom of the dash for the fuel gauge selection switch for trucks with dual tanks so I didn't even need to drill any new mounting holes.

Easy, simple and clean install. For me, this is safer and much more operator-friendly. Now I can quickly and easily reach and find the control for the drivers side wiper without struggling with it behind the turn signal lever.

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