Finaly, Cutting back on the collection.....(?)


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Well yes, (For those that know me)..."After, THIS ONE"!.

So the guys are outside the barn were waiting (Supposedly) to 'help' me load a vehicle I was selling to cut back.

Yep, the low loader arrived right on time.

Wt* Was heard form many of the watchers.

"We thought you were cutting down?"
"I AM,..After This One!" was the reply.
"And just HOW are you going to get that thing off the truck", was heard,
And to the driver "are you unloading it?"..
."Driver Not likely"!.."His Job"
And to me " Do YOU know how to even start it?, AND drive it off".
((For those that do or don't know me)), MOTTO...I/We are the kiddies, I/We have the techno. I /We. Can't BE BEAT!.
Jigger the aches and joint prob's, I climbed aboard, I Did Start the 'THING!).
I Did Drive it off.
Oh and by the way, I am absolutely. "Eggs Static!" With it,
Unbelievably, It has had a ground up rebuild.
That gents, Is MY axmass prezzi.


That vid does not seem to work. Tty this one.



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