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Flat tow transmission damage


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I did a quick search but didn't come up with much, but yea
So when I recovered a 936A1 this weekend I was rushed off the lot, so didn't pull the driveshafts. It felt like it went into N on the Tcase but my dumbass didn't go under to turn the drive shaft to make sure. I think it was sitting right on the edge of N and low, and during the ride back somehow popped into low.... first stop was just a quick hub check on the side of the road, didn't catch this till about 70 miles down the road and the back of the trans was cooking bad. After undoing the driveshafts like I should have done in the first place rest of the trip was fine, other than I learned the hard way you can't turn for crap on snow towing a 936 with a 923 even with 2000 lbs in the back of the bed.

So, I know this has been done before, what is the extent of the damage I can expect? is there a good chance I can just replace the bearings and seals on the tailcase/ output shaft and be good or does it trash the entire trans? I'm just trying to get ideas on if I should try and save this trans or put another one in. I'm tempted to do a 8.3 swap into this truck if the work isn't too bad.


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Still don't know why you ya-hoos don't just pull the axles out and let them ride on the bearings. No chance of trouble that way. Its been covered a brazillion times here.


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I wish you the best of luck from this point but would plan on a new tranny. I do agree with gimpyrobb on pulling the axles. I was rushed before from Indianapolis but quickly stopped just off the base and got my truck in order. Again best of luck to ya.
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