followed a Bradley home today


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well, sunday morning was yet another first for me and certainly has to be another first in the nistory books. On saturday at the t-bones baseball game the national guard armory had a Bradley on display. It WASNT hauled in on a trailer! It was driven in from the 18th street armory. I asked when they were going to take it back, and Was told it was going to be driven back on sunday morning at approx 07:30. So we got up agian early sunday morning at went back out to the ball park. I was just wanting to get a picture or two of a bradley driving right down Sate Ave through the middle of town. When we arrived all the crew and more where preping the unit for the trip. I asked if it was ok for me to take pics along the route, and was told I could be part of the route. Oh I for got to mentuion I was driving the ferret out there. So we were part of the escort of the bradley going down the road! We follwed along with marked police cars all the way back down to 18th street, about 8 miles away. It was a blast! people were really astonished to see a tracked vehilce and a wheeld armoured vehicle both driving down the street together! I had my son in the turret taking some pics, as usual it isint the best video in the world, but its still pretty cool.


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Great story and I'm sure you had loads of fun with that. My children love getting in the deuce with me, but that must have been quite the thrill for the lil one.


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We followed a couple of well worn hulls down I75 through Lexington, KY a few weeks ago.

This will most likely be my last post in Bradley as I suspect along with Kenny, we both get killed off.

(There Kenny, two posts.)


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Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Instead of you following the Bradley home, isn't the Bradley supposed to follow you home?:tank:
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