Gaskets required to replace head gasket


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Head gaskets (two, one for each set of three cylinders), thermostat to intake gasket (one), water manifold gaskets (six), turbo drain gasket (one), intake/ exhaust manifold gasket (two, one for each set of 3 cylinders). Im pretty certain that's all you need, unless I'm forgetting something... The valve cover gaskets are re-useable. You might want to replace the gasket on the crankcase breather bridge, but that's not pressurized, so its not a huge concern.

Technically, you don't need to do both head gaskets, but since the manifolds are one piece and your doing 90% of the work to get there, I feel you should do both.

Don't forget, you will need to make a special wrench to remove the outer head nuts on the drivers side of the engine, three per head. They are in pockets below the injector bores and no matter what it looks like, you are not getting any standard wrench or swivel setup in there. There used to be OEM/ Military wrenches floating around, but they're pricy and hard to come by. The final torque is fairly high, so build your wrench strong.


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If you are in to doing things yourself it can be fun to cut your own gaskets out of gasket paper stock. Obviously you should use pre made gasket for the cylinder head, exhaust manifold, valve cover, and anywhere you need a O-ring. But I like making my own for places that just take standard gasket paper because you can make them fit exact unlike the pre made ones that always have extra material hanging out. If it is a time critical job then I don’t make my own as I like to go slow and make it really nice but usually anything I am working on these days is anything but time critical.
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