great place for my butt


In Memorial
In Memorial
Detroit, michigan
I stopped by a Truck shop I get fluids from for the M923 and was talking with the girl that runs the place. I asked if there were any truck
Salvage yards around and she said yes about 2 miles away. I told her I wanted to see if they had any air seats for my truck. She paused for a second and said
I have a seat here, it's brand new in the box, that she ordered it for someone and they never came back. She said she paid over $1200. for it. I asked if I could see it,
and she sent 2 guys upstairs to get it. We took it out of the box and took off the plastic. It was beautiful, Black cloth, armrests on both sides, lumbar support, all air, high backrest for your head.
We took a bunch of measurements then checked the truck, will fit easily in the 923. Now came the scary part, I asked what she wanted for it and she told me give her $350. and
it was mine. I never would have guessed she would have sold it for so cheap. So Monday I will start putting it in, cant wait for the relief on my back from my seat bottoming out.


New member
Columbus Georgia
Any brand name on the seat style - I know the co. Seats Inc allows dealers a high markup on air ride seats - but indeed
you got a great price. We pay up to nearly $175 to $200 just to get a mechanical good working air ride recovered at the
upholstery shop.

BTW where are the pictures of the seat ?
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