How to send small items abroad? (if you are not on site / dangerous goods spray can) - Solved


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Dear SteelSoldier Community,

By way of introduction:
I had the problem that I had to ship a) a book and b) a spray can that was only available in the USA to Germany. The book was no problem, the spray can was very difficult.

In general it can be a problem that some stores in the USA only ship to the USA to save the effort of international shipping.

That's why this thread...

I have to leave another really important tip here, for all those who are not "on the ground" in America and therefore cannot buy from some companies.

Here in this case it was the rust protection oils, which even the branch of the company did not have in the shopping cart for Europe and categorically refused a "single delivery". But also LMC Truck Store or BROTHERS Trucks Shop does not deliver e.g. to Germany.

In the thread where I had asked for "repair manuals", the internet service would be recommended to me. But my torture with the rust preventative spray cans was that even could not ship them to "overseas".

After asking several international shipping companies (UPS, FedEX and DHL Express) it turned out, as a single private person, shipping from overseas to Europe is really hard.

Through a last Google call - in a really last and desperate rush of inner motivation - I then came across After multiple requests to support, they confirmed they can also ship spray cans. So within 3 days the cans had found their way from the USA to Germany. Of course with customs and shipping costs, but better than the options I had before, namely scrapping the goods.

Unfortunately, the subscription at is chargeable, but there is the possibility to operate the account Membership Type under "Single Package", then ships and charges customs processing, but this above average professional and fast.

I assume that one or the other private person has a same or very similar problem if not resident in the USA. Hence the tip...

Macabre note, I believe that currently shipping to Russia is difficult for almost all countries in the world.

So I can strongly recommend and also

(I've written this post twice in two different threads so people who have the problem - or a similar one - with international shipping can find it in Google).

shipping only to america if you don't live in america
- indirect international shipping
- #internationalshipping

If you know of any other solutions or service providers that are expedient and inexpensive, feel free to add your contribution to the body of knowledge.
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