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Just another M1010 camper build...

akron, ohio
After owning my ambulance for 5yrs and using the original benches as a makeshift rv, I finally kicked my butt into high gear and started tackling a proper camper conversion project. About a month ago I finally started stripping the back box to get it ready for renovation. I removed the benches, heater and ductwork, the interior lighting (except for the blue 'black out' light in the ceiling), and the electric panel mounted over the ds rear wheel well. IMAG0149.jpg]

Preliminary test fit for the matching chests of drawers that will become the dinette benches/bed base.IMAG0153.jpg
Then came the time to empty it completely. Whoops, forgot about the gunlocker. That's gotta come out too.IMAG0168.jpg
Now that we've got that taken down...IMAG0170.jpg
... we're left with a big hole in the ceiling that some hillbilly cut out when installing the gunlocker for the police department. That's ok, the ceiling will be covered with luan, and the hole might become the location for a roof vent.IMAG0169.jpg
After cleaning it out, we placed the chests of drawers in position above the wheel wells, built a base for them, and started building the closet and storage bench on the drivers side.IMAG0195.jpg
Part way through the project my friend decided to come out of the closet. I don't judge him, I just want him to be happy.IMAG0199.jpg
Next I made what will eventually become storage for the house batteries, but will be used as general storage for the time being. It's large enough to fit as many as 6 large deep cell batteries. Overkill? Possibly, but better safe than sorry for when I get to travel and explore the back country.IMAG0204.jpg
The battery box will also double as the platform for my gunlocker. When the hillbilly cut the hole in the ceiling he also cut the top of the locker off, leaving it wide open. Because of this I have no choice but to mount it against the ceiling, and the battery box was the perfect solution. IMAG0208.jpg
After the battery box was mostly done and the gunlocker was securely mounted to the wall (it is sitting on the box, but not fully supported just by the box) I spent some more time on the bench on the drivers side rear. I had originally planned on making it a place to store a large cooler out of the way, but I'm really leaning towards making the whole thing a built-in permanent ice box with a stainless steel insert and a drain through the floor...


akron, ohio
The bench/cooler lid is finished and the hinges will get installed tomorrow. IMAG0213.jpg
The open spot at the passenger side rear will be a small kitchenette with a sink and counter top. I'm going to run a small tankless water heater, and install an outdoor shower with controls and hose storage accessible from the side panel door from the original heater. I'll be pulling the AC out and installing a 110w house window unit, with a small quiet 2000k generator. IMAG0221.jpg
There's still a lot of work to do, but I'm extremely happy with how much has been accomplished in just a few days. I'll keep this thread updated as the project progresses.
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Portsmouth, NH
I think a sticky for M1010 conversions would be a good one. I am in the works of stripping a recently purchased M1010. I am gutting down to the studs and adding strapping to create a thermal break for better insulation. I was quite impressed with the build quality of the box but that aluminum paneling is going to make any HVAC system work hard even with the fiberglass mat and moisture barrier in place. I will start a thread with pics soon. Looking forward to what you guys are doing with yours.

I plan on a rear twin or full size air matress, a 24"x36" shower stall pan with seat in the passenger side corner. Opposite of that will be the galley running up to the bed. My rear doors are shot so I'm going to fabricate a new wall with a center mounted door. I'm debating on ripping out the A/C and install a cheap window shaker and run that on an inverter. The new ones are very easy on startup current and I could run it on inverter while driving or shore power/generator.
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