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M1008 wont start

silly grunt

New member
Fayetteville, NC
Hello all, I need help.
I have a 1984 CUCV.
recently it started acting up, determined it was the fuel lift pump, changed it and now it won't start. Towed it to my local guy (former Army mech) and he can't get it started either. Here is what was done, the lift pump was replaced. He removed and checked the driver's side glow plugs and they are good. The injectors are getting fuel and when he removed the cap on the filter it has fuel flowing. Any suggestions on what to try next?
Fayetteville NC


Well-known member
Giddings, Texas
So, you have heat, fuel and air. It should run. How fast is it turning over? The batteries have to be fully charged and the starter has to be spinning the engine fast. Otherwise it won’t get the heat from the compression stroke to run.

My other thought is air in the fuel. Replacing the lift pump drains the fuel supply to the filter and puts air in there. If it was running, you changed the lift pump, it started, ran for about- seconds to a minute and then has been dead ever since. Then you need to follow the procedure for bleeding the air filter and then crank it over for at least 3 minutes of cranking time. Do it 20 seconds at a time with 2-3 minutes of recast for starter motor heat. You will need to charge the batteries during this procedure probably.

How do you pull the top off the filter to check flow without introducing air into the system?

here is a video about priming the injection pump:

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