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Old threads with a perfect title need some pictures so I schpeculated you folks would like to see some color.

I was going to wait until family hit the river valley to see if she's still there but let's jump the gun and get her up here. Maybe others can climb on and we can fill this thread with Dragon Wagon info. A recent picture I spotted got me going.


I'm going to do my best to prompt the fine fellow that put this photo up to dig deep for more pictures. Gerald was working with "Mike the Mover" when the Boyle grain elevator needed to be moved and they happened to have the truck to do it. The M26 Dragon Wagon. I'm sure glad Gerald had a camera.

As a kid, we saw the M26 parked next to Jasper Auto parts along St Albert trail and it always left an impression. I had no idea what it was at the time but bought all the books and manuals for it anyway.


In the late 80's I spotted something red sitting near a tree nursery I was hauling out of and ten years ago it was still there. I eventually met Brad who's father owned the truck and the land it sat on. I left my number so they knew someone would take it when they decided it was time.

The most recent google photo still shows it there so I asked some locals to see if that's the case. I'll find out tomorrow. When I saw it personally 7 years ago, the Hall Scott engine was out of it and the owner said the engine sat in a barn for a long time. Even having the engine on a stand to run at shows would have been a groovy goal but without it, only the shell and a resemblance of how the truck might have looked is left behind. Critical thinking would reason that there's not enough left of the truck to create a display that might represent her use here in Canada,.....but at the same time creating a display with the only remaining pieces of history that are left, could entertain others for centuries. This is the latest sat view. The red bushes cover the back but one can make out the roofless cab to the left of the bush. I should have never crawled on that truck.

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