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me being realistic about an old G-wagen?


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looking back at that topic I started about tires (previously-unknown-to-me Nexen tires was quite interesting) I was thinking a bit this afternoon about if I did really want to again think about eventually buying a G-wagen or not

so, tell me if I'm too off with anything or this sounds fair;
~ W460 generation [from 1979 to 1992 as it would seem]
~ any original OM engines would do (as all three were 'highly used' with regarding to 240D, 300D, Unimogs, etc all over northeast North America so spare parts seem easy)
~ 3-door LWB chassis since I may like to be able to carry small longer non-roofrack items and/or just a bunch of sensitive bags spread around etc while having little use for more than one passenger so three doors sounds more frank to me after all
~ not going fuss much with any kind of audio system so I'll likely leave the console somewhat blank save for the climate controls
~ as for climate, considering I might often leave windows down in summer I may just simply be happy with a heater alone?
~ I think I would had liked it with the automatic transmission partially to ease stopsign-and-go sort of light urban drivings once in a while, and beside also I'm not really going to do serious bouldering or anything that would had demand more direct gears control otherwise
~ soft versus hard top I won't know about especially in term of winter wear&tear, but maybe should say 'no preference' for sake of having a slight wider used market pool to choose from?

the only few onramps I would had wanted to use for quicker-than-stopsigned-streets cross-city trips at 1pm or similar 'quieter traffic hours' have rather generous acceleration lane to them (aside to that one common ramp actually is soon its own lane, no merges), etc so I'm not too worried about having just a 70HP engine to throttle with


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State College PA
Going up the 9% climb on way to camp means 2 nd gear at wot .
I love it but not sure about the folks behind me... My wife loves it even more, in fact it is her car... The dogs love it because it means w.a.l.k.
Om616 4 speed manual. 3 door , soft top. Danish army.

Good luck


CODE BROWN...It's all going to sh~t !
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I love the old G-Wagons and I think the best is the 300D with a stick. Not a lot of power but it will sure get you there and it's extremely reliable. My buddies Pinzgauer 712M only has a 90hp gas engine but even towing my M101A1 filled with hunting gear and five guys in the truck it does just fine. Gearing is everything.




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