Medical "Study" on diesel exhaust


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Being out here on the front lines of this is getting mighty old let me tell you. Im sure my Kalifornian Komrad's would agree. To me, and the LARGE majority of individuals blessed with common sense, these diesel laws are getting ridiculous. I truly beleive with ever fiber of my mortal being that, the whole thing is based solely on money. They said disel was they removed the its not near as bad as gasoline...yet they are still pushing diesel regulations like diesel exhaust killed a politicians kindergartener or something. Last I checked, gasoline cars, no matter HOW green, still emmit more greenhouse gasses then any (even badly running) diesel engine. The only problem here is that the close minded, un-educated, idiots are in charge and dont care whats right...thanks to lobbyists. TYhe fact that I had to SMOG my 2010 VW because its a diesel is gas cars are exempt for 6 years once bought...why cant new disels? Know why? 'Cuz theres no money to made in that....Im one of those reffered to as the ones who cant afford to bail out of a sinking ship...I want out of here so bad I can taste it...I just cant seem to afford it. This place is crazy.
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