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MK 23, 7-Ton Lockers Question?


In Memorial
In Memorial
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
She was not built to do some silly MPG for users that bought surplus............
She was meant to do a job for military defense
And a fine job done.
Military has the fuel to do the job, maybe others do not.
Did You ever look at how much fuel our military uses and
what the cost is just to get it where is is to be used?


Feo, Fuerte y Formal
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Mason, TN
Really!!!!!! 4.5MPG? This can't be true. Can a cross this info on a google search.
Most big motors do not get any better than 6 generally. A truck with an automatic isn't going to be easy on fuel. Keeping boost below 10psi nets the best mileage.

My 920 empty at 34,000lb gets 5.5 at 62mph at 2350rpms. Around 5mpg with an empty trailer grossing 55k. Last trip from CA to Memphis at 97,000lbs it was around 4mpg. That includes 22/24hrs of idle time.

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New Hampshire
There are five lockers- one in each axle, one in the torque-distributing all wheel drive transfer case, and one between the two rear axles. They are controlled automatically by the CTIS computer in the dash, but there is also a momentary over-ride button on the dash that will lock all five of them instantly. And there is a series of illuminated indicators on the dash, to show which ones are locked...
I’m looking to do a little mixing and matching with surplus parts and trying to sort out what might work.

I’m thinking about getting a M35 or M925A2. I would like to have selectable lockers in the axles and still trying to decide if I want to stick with 3 axles or switch to two. I realize the front axle on the MTVR is 16,000 GAWR and that won’t be a problem for what I pan on doing. I’ve got some questions:

1) If I install the IFS from a MTVR how is the locker physically moved inside the axle to engage?

2) The MTVR and the M925A2 both have ABS. Do you know what it would take to make the axle work with the ABS system?

3) a. I would like to have rear steering. Can I feed the IFS from the front flange?

b. If I decide to stay with 3 axles can I feed the #3 axle from the #2 axle?

4) I’ve seen references to the TAK-4 suspension system being able to use air bags on civilian vehicles. Do you know what it would take to switch the MTVR’s IFS to air bags?

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