MTVR key-locking outside door handles installation:


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Once the old outside door handles were out, it was easy enough to clean off the old gasket material and install the new ones into their respective holes with the new retainers, washers, and nylock nuts supplied.

The inside lock rods appeared to be inverted for shipment, so I flipped them around so that they came out the top. There's nothing for them to attach to, so for the time being, I just zip-wrapped them to the thick black foam inside the cavity. Whatever you do with them, they need to have some resistance to them, to hold them in whatever position the lock cylinder and bell crank put them in, or they will just fall into the unlocked position again, even after locking with the key.

The outside door handle latch rods were the only part that required any work- their length was too short to work with the new door handles, and there was not enough adjustment available to make them work. Fortunately, they have kind of a "Z" to them, and after straightening the "Z" out, they were well within the adjustment range.
Do you happen to have a photo of the finished rod? I need to make the same modification.


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I ordered both parts from atap everything was smooth and i received them within 2 weeks of ordering them which was today. My understanding from this post was they came keyed alike and with a key. I received the right and left with no key to speak of. Am I missing something or was something overlooked before this was shipped?


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