No More Political Avatars or Signatures or Slamming!!!

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Thank you for keeping this site on track on this issue. I have not been here that long and did not know it was a problem that means that you have been doing a good job keeping it cleaned up. Or possibly I looked an a potentially offensive post and went on to something else. Bottom line is that this site has been a gold mine of information on a topic that is dear to heart of many of us. Please keep up the good work.


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Sounds like a good example of what the MODs are trying not to have featured here.. some things are a given (and I don't mean the reference to religion comment..).. What part of discussions limited to MV's are we not getting.. the whole prob is that folks don't follow the guidelines as they think they are w/in bounds or think that if they are subtle enough, a comment can 'squeak by'.....foul.. just my POV..

Don't miss the point of this whole thread..

I think he meant catholic with a little c. It is not a religious term. It is a Latin adjective that means all accepting or all embracing. He was saying "can't we all just get along." The part about about protecting the constitution doesn't seem out of place on a forum with the number of former (and current) military as seem to present here.
It is interesting how just having a conversation about being PC can make people thin skinned about a misunderstanding.
There has has been a lot of talk of not using enough "common sense" or taking this rule to extremes. This taking things to extremes is a debating technique called "Reductio ad absurdum" and doesn't make much sense unless the author explains why the result is bad. They never do that here which sort of makes SS's point for him.
the quote from the top of the page is from Voltaire (sort of).
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I got that UTT..'can't we all just get along' would have been the thing to say IMHO.. the double entente can always be plead as..'thats not what I meant..' but subtle statements can be a way to skirt the guidelines.. not saying thats what STS's intentions were...but always open to interpretation... whats not open to interpretation is some thing mentioned about a MV's nuts and bolts..
I am starting to think that 'Common Sense' as defined actually does not exist except when shared by a specific interest group with a POV..maybe like SS but even here it can be questioned as we see when we stray...

adios, Mike

"Misprize common sense at your peril is my motto."
A policeman, in Stanley and the Women (1984) by Kingsley Amis


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No politics means no politics. There is no room for interpretation. It's really quite simple.

No amount of debate will change the rule. Further posts in this thread that are meant to stir the pot will be deleted and the member will get a 1 week holiday.
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