R.I.P. - David "MWMULES" Christenberry


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James David “Beef” Christenberry passed away Monday January 16, 2023. He was preceded in death by his parents, Bill & Norma Christenberry, His beloved sister Janet & Brother in law Joe and 2 stepdaughters from his first marriage. He leaves his wife Jani, daughter Py, son Kaleb (Amy) and his grandson Leo.
He has a nephew Joel (Allison) and a niece Amanda (Phil)

David was born in Anchorage Alaska on April 6, 1952 (before Alaska became a state) as his father was stationed at the Elmendorf Air Force Base there. He then lived in New Jersey, England, Arizona and Jacksonville Arkansas. He joined the Navy and was on a nuclear submarine off and on for 6 years. His love of all things military facilitated him joining the National Guard as a tanker which he retired from. He was a EMT for Johnson County Med Act and retired shortly before turning 60.

Dave had many interests and was capable of just about anything he put his mind to. He loved his family deeply however his passion was buying & selling military surplus and learning everything he could. His first vehicle was a military ambulance which needed tires which in turn led him to Peter Wilkin and a 35 year friendship was born with his wife Eva Wilkin and their two children. We traveled all over the country going to MVPA conventions as he sold his wares. He called it the hobbie that paid for itself as he sold items to pay for what he wanted to keep. We met so many amazing people along the way…from the brave paramedics at med-act, the MVPA and the Guard.

He was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Nov 2019. He then developed a lung tumor which was radiated only to find out a few months later that he now had stage 4 metastasized bone cancer. More radiation and 6 months of chemo. A few weeks before Christmas he started to require more 02 and 2 days after Christmas we were in the ER. Before we knew it he went from 2 liters of 02 to 15 liters. The outpouring of love we felt by so many people while in hospice made a big difference, the kids and I appreciate you more than you know. I am including a few details of his illness to demonstrate how life can be moving along smoothly and then suddenly you get thrown a curve ball. He suffered more than any human deserves but was an optimistic until the end and was sure he would return home, which he did, just not his physical address.

We will have a “celebration of specialness” as he adamantly did not want a funeral. He approved a party and requested we have it it at Killcreek Barn located at 9200 Killcreek rd off K-10 Highway. The date is February 5 from 12-4. We will be serving green chili , crackers, cookies and drinks. We ask for you to bring only yourselves and your stories, wear cammo if you want to or jeans and a t shirt.

We would appreciate a head count so we make plenty of green chili. Add your name and # of people counting yourself. Still attend if you don’t get your name on the list tho.

As I have muddled through the fog of this new reality this last week I have appreciated each and every phone call, card and reminder to eat and drink. Thank you from the heart


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Dave will be greatly missed by The Wilkin family. he was a great influence on me as I grew up and I will always remember him as MR. Christmas for his generosity and compassion for those around him. He and my father helped cultivate a fasciation for millitary vehicles and surplus, I will always think about him when i enjoy my truck and collect more stuff from auctions.

Miss you Dave you will be in my thoughts forever - Anders WIlkin


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I met Dave at the Findlay show, 2014 or 15. That was my early days of going to shows and I didn't know anyone out there. I was invited to get something to eat with Dave and a group of others. Most of them (maybe all) had time in the Military and I immediately noticed how strong of a bond they all had. It was cool to witness. Dave was very friendly, in the years after he always remembered who I was. He had a pile of IR lights that I was looking at one time, he handed me one and told me to take it. I didn't know him as well as most of you did but he seemed like a great guy. I'll miss seeing him.
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I did not know David personally but have seen his posts here frequently. I just learned reading his obit that he was a US Army National Guard Tanker. And with that, we old crusty Tankers share a bond as tough as the steel we once rode and it's never easy to learn of a Brother's passing.
Now, good Tanker, dismount your iron steed and stand down for your mission is complete. A job well done!
It was my misfortune to not know you in this life. However, I guarantee we will meet up at Fiddler's Green!
A toast!🍻🥃
May you always rest easy...
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