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So I was wondering if anyone has done a remote turbo set up?

I’m currently in the middle of installing a HX-35 where my CAT was located. It seems to be the best location without being to far back. If I do get a overwhelming amount of lag I’m just going to down size. I’m not adding a turbo for big power just a extra kick when pulling hills/mountains.

I’m running my air in piping to the left rear fender housing and also installing a stand alone oil cooler/tank/and pump for the turbo in the fender housing as well. The stock muffler is staying in place since everything fits ok and I really didn’t want to make it any louder. I built a cage/support that bolts to the body and I’m using a aluminum skid plate meant for a KX450F with some modifications. I'm using 2.5” intercooler piping for now but, do have room for 3” so, I plan on replacing that once everything is functional. Since the piping is so long I’m not using an intercooler. Should be fine. The intake manifold mount is basically the same as BMI’s.

Once it’s done if anyone is interested in going this route I’ll gladly share the parts list. Only reason I’m doing this is 1. There’s no room under the hood without building a header for a turbo, since it’s mounted after the Y pipe makes things way easier and cost effective. 2. I couldn’t bring myself to spend 4500.00 on a turbo kit.

To date I’ve only spent 2200.00 and the only expense left is when I upgrade to 3” intercooler piping which only be another 150.00 tops.

I’ll post photos soon so you can get a gist of what I have going on.
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