save M715 original or making it practical ?


45 MPH is wide open............ forget diesels cost is very prohibitive and the noise is horrible plus it stinks . I have 4bt,s and 6bt,s and I would not install one for myself under NO circumstances. sbc is the way to go imo. 1 day out, 1 day in and your done. I,ve done a bunch both ways..................


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It's YOUR vehicle so do what you want with it......BUT since you asked:
These vehicles are all part of history and one day will be extinct ( look at all the surplus aircraft after WW 2, where are they?). Most younger folks today have no interest in history so it's only getting worse. IF your Jeep is average shape then why not,
have at a custom project. But if it's unusually clean I'd say don't make any mods that can't be easily undone.
Again, only my opinion and I respect your right to do as you wish.


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June 8th, 2019

We had a stock M715 that took considerable abuse by then then owner, who could mess up an iron ball with a rubber mallet. Beyond the water pump failing due to the four belt pulley load on the front bearing, and minor carb issues, the only other thing of note was the owner blew a hole in the floorboards when the starter switch shorted. That was an exciting day to be sure, electrying, you might say. But the truck could pull 4 pallets of brick at 50 on the level, and I feel the design was much abused, wrongly, by people who haven't learned to work on the truck as a stock unit. IF you must mess, I challenge you to get a KIA M450 and mess that one up.....!


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I bought my stock 24v M725 that was once a Fire Department acquired vehicle for a Civil Defense role. I tried to keep it stock.

I chose to "military-mod" it with re-centered HUMMER rims and tires, a custom-built "military-look" rear tire carrier/bumper, a pair of black Chrysler stow-and-go cloth seats, 3-point black seat belts, a Pertornics 12v electronic ignition kit (the F.D. had installed a civilian distributor), a Corvette dual reservoir master cylinder (safety) conversion, Ford E-Van wheel cylinders, and I had to modify the stock exhaust pipes to fit a civilian muffler. One day I might paint it OD. And, like others have said, the flat windshield and "off-road" stock gear train won't let you go very fast.

You can see mod photos in my website.
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