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UPDATE: SF97 arrived today!!!

But…… It shows the vehicle being a 8 cylinder instead of 6. It also shows a purchase price of $12,349.96 (I paid $4300). The weights (shipping & GVWR) are incorrect.

I called GP and spoke with the Title Department. They told me it would be another long wait and that maybe I should just try to get ‘it through DMV’. NYS DMV is notoriously a PITA and I am not interested in trying to sneak this through. Besides, if & when I sell it can you imagine trying to explain years later that’s it’s a 6 cylinder and not 8? Who needs that headache?

Also, The make of vehicle is listed as “STEWART & STEVEN” not STEWART & STEVENSON.

lastly, Not sure how NYS would view the following errors - the odometer disclosed statement block entries aren’t even near the blocks they are supposed to be.

Tomorrow I will call DLA and see what they can do to expedite a new and correct SF97.
Almost happy for you... You got a pretty useless piece of paper with that many mistakes on it. And with the money being that high, your local NYZ DMV is going to hold out their hand a lot longer as you lay money in their grubby little paws. :-(
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