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Steel Soldiers, users age

How old are you?

  • Less than 20

    Votes: 68 5.3%
  • 20-30

    Votes: 252 19.8%
  • 31-40

    Votes: 314 24.6%
  • 41-50

    Votes: 301 23.6%
  • 51-60

    Votes: 216 17.0%
  • over 60

    Votes: 123 9.7%

  • Total voters


Well-known member
Steel Soldiers Supporter
Near Austin, Texas
I thought I was old when I first voted on this in 2009. Now I'm even more surprised when I look in a mirror.
But I haven't grown up yet!

Too bad the poll couldn't track itself and adjust the age groups accordingly, but it would also have to track the folks who have slipped away from us over the years - some who lost interest, some who have gone to the next life.



Staff member
Burgkunstadt, Germany
Heck, my new (to me) truck requires a step ladder to get up into the driver's seat. The fuel tank steps suck on a M915A1.

I know just what you mean. For the last 4 years I have been going in every Thursday, to the firm where I worked, before retirement. I told them I can not do the electricians work anymore, so I will take care of, service and repair of the construction equipment. I love the work, and a day away from the house is needed. But this last year, crawling around on top of and under the equipment, takes so much out of me, I need all day Friday to recover. The last 3-4 months, even getting down from the last step on the forklifts, bucket loaders, teli-Extenders, was a painful experience. So, this Thursday, I told the boss, "That's it, I just have to stop. Don't want to, but have too." Sure going to miss it.


PSVB 3003
Steel Soldiers Supporter
Lexington, South Carolina
One of the main reasons I'm passing the MKT along to younger folks is the maintenance between uses. When I was in my 60's I could open up (for use) an MKT in an hour by myself, and close it up for travel in the same amount of time. Now that I'm in my upper 70's each job takes twice as long and I'm too tired out to get anything else done that day. Since my ticker has been repaired, I can at least cut the grass in the entire front yard without having to take breaks.
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