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does anyone know what seal and bearing numbers are used for the v100 transfer case. mine is leaking on the front output shaft and i think one of the bearings is on its last leg as i have a very loud whine from it. the fuild is at or slighrly above the full level with some lucas added to see if that would reduce the noise of the straight cut gears.

also, any part number or source for the parking brake band?

thinking of pulling the case and going through it obmver the next week or two.


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The transfer case is a Rockwell Standard Model T-275- D. The company still exists, but no one there would recognize the vehicle. It is possible though, that the components still exist in the parts catalogues. Worth some flashlight detective work and notetaking, then a trip to the nearest truck parts supplier and their microfiche.

One of my friends tells how he's brought V8 Land Rover parts into his favourite autoparts store to give them a challenge, and then navigated the parts catalogues together. That particular engine originated in US and was sold to Land Rover many years ago. Any LR brand part will be frightfully expensive, but one for a Ford Falcon (to pick a name) is dirt cheap.
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