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Yet another alternator question


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hmmm.... value of STE.. is that "not a value" cause folk just are not capitalizing on it? like can you pull an amp signal of STE?

Anyway.. that'ss a whole new topic best for another thread .... especially since I'm not sure what the heck STE even is.... (think its about some archaic electrical test port under A0 dash)
Yes, you simply need a millivolt meter that can read 3 digits right of the decimal(.001). Connect it to the two small screw terminals on the shunt to measure the voltage/potential developed between those terminals anytime current flows thru the large attached cables. Rated to 1000A

As wired, this will only measure current flowing into or out of the battery, and not alt output. It will only measure that portion of alt output that the batteries are absorbing. Also since it is in the ground leg, it is the combined 12 and 24v current return flow.

I used mine to measure starter draw on my 3116 before I removed it. Brief 290A peak ~150A steady cranking. ~6A ign sw on…

you can really do this anywhere on the truck by wiring a voltmeter like you are doing a voltage drop test. You simply need to know the resistance of the wire you are using to develop the voltage(dropped voltage) and that can be determined by applying a known load to the circuit…


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The STE-ICE test set is the "Standard Test Equipment - Internal Combustion Engine" test set. It provides proprietary vehicle diagnostic and general diagnostic interconnect equipment. Such as a DMM, Inductive Amperage clamp, revolution sensor, pressure transducers, adapters, test probes, and optionally an oscilloscope interface. The STE-ICE test set is actually a BII (basic issue item) of the MSD (Maintenance Support Device) - which is one of a series of different laptops or tablets (there's several versions - V1 through V4) that provide the human interface (screen/readout) for the STE-ICE or the newer SWICE test set (Smart, Wireless Internal Combustion Engine test set) in addition to being the electronic technical manual troubleshooting interface, reader, and parts manual.
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