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    Fmtv crane maintenance manual, hydraulics specs?

    Does anyone know the AN fitting size for the m1084 grove MHC ? The hoses are 3/8”, but what size are the fittings?
  2. 319cssb

    Looking fo m989a1 HEMAT parts in South Carolina

    Does anyone sell HEMAT parts? I need some stuff in South Carolina. Like two right side bed sides, spare tire and holder the spare tire boom.
  3. 319cssb

    M1084 crane hydraulic lines

    Some of the hydraulic lines have been replaced with gates 6g2 3/8” R2/2SN EN853 lines. I looked it up online, as I like to keep all the hoses the same brand and so on. Does anyone here have 50’ for sale?
  4. 319cssb

    Anyone in the chapel hill NC area with a heavy duty wrecker?

    Is one of you guys in the chapel hill area? I may need a few vehicles towed with a wheel lift
  5. 319cssb

    2 mep802 Cali to South Carolina

    I pass... will only deal with transporter directly . Good luck to you.
  6. 319cssb

    2 mep802 Cali to South Carolina

    Are you guys broker or transporter? I have read some of your reviews
  7. 319cssb

    2 mep802 Cali to South Carolina

    I appreciate the offer, but I rather stick with one of my steelsoldier brothers. I know I can trust them.
  8. 319cssb

    2 mep802 Cali to South Carolina

    Or I could get it from Mississippi
  9. 319cssb

    2 mep802 Cali to South Carolina

    Yes Wes is my first stop, when it comes to transports. He’s one of the best people, I know and I got his back 💯. But he said he isn’t sure if he can get to this one.
  10. 319cssb

    2 mep802 Cali to South Carolina

    I need two mep802 brought from California to South Carolina. Who can help me with it?
  11. 319cssb

    Aligning the doors

    I have done the way you described before. With a strap and by pushing out on the door. My door has a gap along the top, just like yours did. I was hoping to maybe read of a better way to do that procedure.
  12. 319cssb

    Aligning the doors

    Has anyone got some advice on how to align the cab doors and possibly bending them , so they seal and have as little pressure as possible on the door locks? Thx
  13. 319cssb

    Greaseable polyurethane sway bar bushings

    As I said . I don’t buy things on eBay. What is the point of greasing these mounts? Do they squeak?
  14. 319cssb

    Do I want an m1163?

    That is a listing of a completed auction. Not sure how it answered any of my questions, but thank you for posting it.
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