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    Questions on M796 Bolster Trailer

    hello I have a set of the bolster trailer wheels and tires on my 105 fit great and lower It down to usable height for firewood. the rims I got off a common e site dirt cheap nos
  2. 6x6junkie

    What is this part on my m923a2

    the thing that kills me is it is not in the parts book to get the part # to get a new one its letting air buypass it and not letting it build if I shut the valve it builds
  3. 6x6junkie

    What is this part on my m923a2

    Passenger-side front of air tank has wire and is threaded directly into tank cannot find part number on unit at all been through both of the manuals cannot find a part number to locate this unit any info would be greatly appreciated Have also looked on different trucks in the area six of them...
  4. 6x6junkie

    Don't Use Low Range Reverse with 939's? Here's Why !!

    ok heres one for ya how did you ever get the brakes off? I have a parts truck that the 2 pass side wheels are locked tried unlocking in low range with power of truck. hooked the tire with a backhoe and lifted hole truck off ground you cant pull the drum off because the brakes are so tight on...
  5. 6x6junkie

    m35a2 runs rough at startup. Need input

    have and m35a2 with and ldt465 engine when you first start it up it runs rough like it is not running on all cylinders then when it gets hot running for 10 mins on a 60 deg day it runs great all fuel filters are new and air cleaner is new any info will be a great help thanks in advance
  6. 6x6junkie

    M923a1 muffler question

    there is also and e site that has them on there that's where I got mine search m923 muffler
  7. 6x6junkie

    Towing M915A1 Backwards with Truhitch

    man cool but it seems when you go over a slope like pulling in a truck stop on a little ditch that it whould drag the ground is that true not much ground clearance
  8. 6x6junkie

    m1070 fuel filter

    hello tried all the #s online and at multiple napas found one but 4 days to ship and 30 bucks is not cool cant find. does anybody have a better # on there truck kids need to get ice cream this weekend thanks
  9. 6x6junkie

    m1070 fuel filter

    ok cool will try tomorrow to get one. yea all the other filters all have baldwin #s on them just that filter must be hard to get just thought if someone had seen the # on theirs thanks for the info will post how i make out with p/n
  10. 6x6junkie

    m1070 fuel filter

    the fuel filter on the drivers side of my 1070 just above tank with a plastic bottom with a electrical plug on the bottom , just buy the ladder does anybody have a filter # mine is white and has no # I have the nsn but napa iknow doesn't do nsns thanks
  11. 6x6junkie

    looking for the brass rivits or fasteners that hold the window tracks in for m series

    i know i can find them i need the specs to know what they are
  12. 6x6junkie

    Cab Reinforcement Plate Installation M109/ M35s

    yea took me more time to get the seat out of the way. they are well worth the 40 bucks you cant buy the rivets for that. just get a decent drill bit
  13. 6x6junkie

    looking for the brass rivits or fasteners that hold the window tracks in for m series

    its funny how the small stuff is hard to find these rivets and the door bolts are hard to locate m35a2 give me a while and i may take you up on that offer
  14. 6x6junkie

    looking for the brass rivits or fasteners that hold the window tracks in for m series

    hello do you have the size from the box clepto
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