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    Accessories and upgrades

    You've got air accessible just to the right of the driver's seat.
  2. 98G

    KS MEP802 skid, toolbox, and cable reel $200

    Pics and toolbox measurements from today. Toolbox ***SOLD***
  3. 98G

    Heads up/NOCO chargers are 50% off at Amazon today (11-29-21)

    No reason that won't work. But 24V would be so much better, either wired into the battery posts, or connected to a slave plug for intermittent use.
  4. 98G

    Heads up/NOCO chargers are 50% off at Amazon today (11-29-21)

    If only they were 24v...
  5. 98G

    KS NOS Slave Plugs, and Extreme Duty Jumper Cables

    17' jumper cables with 800amp clamps. The cable they're made from isn't new, but doesn't have any major nicks or scrapes. The ends have 5/16" lugs hydraulically crimped and sealed with heat shrink. - $150, shipped free.
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    Charge / Tend HMMWV via slave port

    A slave connector on a 24v charger if you want to charge/maintain all batteries through the slave port as a single unit. A single battery at a a time at 12v is probably the best option though in terms of balanced charge.
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    KS 24v battery charger, compatible with your slave port

    Charges 24v at 4 amps, then when the batteries are fully charged it automatically drops to trickle charge/maintenance mode. It's capable of pulsing to potentially resurrect a bad battery. AGM or lead acid battery compatible. For those MVs like mine that hide from salty roads and sit all...
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    New guy from Arizona

    The thing about wood in AZ is the sun blasts it and it deteriorates that way.
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    Found major issue…trans

    I've got a buddy with a transmission with a broken output shaft. Other than that it's fine. Shifted fine prior. It's in NM. Just a thought.
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    wiring adapter

    @silverstate55 has a 12v box and brake controller on his M931A2. Maybe he'll chime in with the details.
  11. 98G

    m931 crane capacity

    I'm thinking it's a bad idea. The A0 tire davit won't handle a super single. I'd come up with an alternate plan.
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    T-138 sprag question.

    I've had a couple of M818s. I can't imagine why you'd want to disable the front axle. (I *can* see why you'd want it only on demand) In contrast to the sprag tcase on the deuce, the T138 is robust and works well in my experience. I've had an M818 buried to the axles and got it out under its own...
  13. 98G

    Brake issue…what would you do?

    See what it does after sitting overnight or a couple of days.
  14. 98G

    Bringing My MV Home

    Emphatically this. Otherwise you'll invest in a new transmission.
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    Cable uses

    And I believe, although I'm not certain, that it's rated 100 amps sustained load.
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