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    What light is this?

    Hi all, Found out that’s it’s a British black out light. They only use one headlight. Thanks to TKress1 for the mystery solved!
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    Canvas winch cover,...?

    I also got my winch cover from Jtonka. Great stuff, great quality, great service and he is a real good guy. Get the spin on fuel and oil filter kits while you’re there. Best thing I did to my Duece!
  3. art

    What light is this?

    maybe, but the ring looks stamped and the light bucket mounting is on a angle.
  4. art

    What light is this?

    This light housing is nos Where and what is it, any history? It looks like a add on black out drive for a m37 or power wagon The light and housing was in a bunch of M37 parts.
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    Ad Relevance

    Political adds should be banned
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    1965 Mack M123A1C 10 ton Tank Transporter

    Looks to me that’s a single winch from a m123a1c 10 ton tractor. The winch is pto driven and the take up rollers that put tension on the cable are pneumatic operated. Loved my m123a1c 10 ton tractor!
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    what cordless tool are you using to get your lug nuts off

    Which Milwaukee model impact?
  8. art

    use backhoe as a crane?

    How about a surplus generator that has 3 phase? Then you would also have backup electricity for your living area and the backup generator would run regularly.
  9. art

    1941 Bren Carrier, Type 1

    1963 movie “The longest day
  10. art

    use backhoe as a crane?

    Check the manual Check the manual see: TM 5-2420-224-10 Page 2-95 12) Lifting with Backhoe. WARNING Backhoe is not a crane. Exercise caution when lifting load to prevent injury to personnel.Lower load to ground if one of the...
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    2019 Red Ball Military Show / Swap meet Gilbert Pa Sept 27-28

    For sale For sale Wooden Tent Pole Sets, GP small $150, GP med $250 PSP Runway Mats, 10' rusty 2 each $100ea 16 x 16 Expandable Frame tent (vinyl) with frame
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    New member from New Jersey

    Welcome from North Jersey what part of the state are you from? art
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    Adapter for a 4 pin trailer harness?

    It was along time ago, the adapter should have the wire code. I remember it was the right turn signal has to be wired in. Also check which connector you need, round or square
  14. art

    Adapter for a 4 pin trailer harness?

    Easy in line plug in - under vehicle’s left rear tail light behind bumper.
  15. art

    Adapter for a 4 pin trailer harness?

    Trailer light 4 wire plug Napa 755-1554Note: You still have to splice in one turn signal wire.
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