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    AZ AZ Insurance Quote -m1165

    Have you tried Hagerty? I've got my 65 M54A2 insured through them for around $265 per year with no restrictions.
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    M925 a1 armored crew cab

    That looks cool and mean at the same time! I like it.
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    Steelsoldiers’ BIG M756A2 Project!

    That's nice and useful Deuce, for poor mans creeping oil I mix 50/50 ATF and Acetone, just don't get it on you the Acetone is a carcingetic. I just mixed up a batch and soaked the U-joint end of the winch driveshaft for my M54A2, I let it soak almost 2 weeks, and a light tap with a hammer and it...
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    5 ton owner...finally

    Good looking beast, looks like you done good. Enjoy her.
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    Some welding trucks for your perusal

    Man! That is some clean work you've done! That looks like the stoutest Humvee I've ever seen. Pretty darn impressive.
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    M51A2 Bumper Wanted

    You can put a 900 series 5-ton front bumper on it same holes and everything I just replaced my bent front original bumper off of my 1965 M54A2 with one off of a 900 series....bolted right on. Hope this helps. - AZ
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    M51A2 VIN Location

    On my 1965, M54A2, it has the updated 800 series power steering, there is a box like cover on the left frame rail, my serial number was under that box. Hope that helps - AZ Deuce
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    2020 November AZ Trail Ride

    Hopefully this works. The Arizona Military Vehicle Collectors Club put on a trail ride about 40 some miles West of Phoenix in Tonopah AZ. They just put this video up, and on their Facebook site they have 84 photos posted of the event. This was the first outing for my "new to me" 1965, Kaiser...
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    Any idea on what a White M2 is worth?

    That is NOT a M2, you can tell by looking at the rear body and frame that it originally was a M3, I'm guessing a fairly early one, based on the serial number on the frame, and the headlights. Inside the rear compartment is set up as a M16A1, a lot of M3's were rebuilt into M16A1s. Ignore the...
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    Hi there from Hamburg/Germany

    Welcome Andre, and good luck on your endevours!
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    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    That's one sweet M925!
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    Another WC63 found...

    Anybody notice that air cleaner on the passenger side cowl? I've seen that modification on WC63s used by the French Foreign Legion, but i thought those had been upgraded with diesel engines, but I don't know that as a fact.
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    Sandblasted metal prep before Behr paint

    I just had my M54A2 completely media blasted, and primed with Rustoleum red-oxide primer, I painted it with a military contract, Blackhawk helicoptor paint, from Sherwin Williams, about 3 days after primering I wiped her down, and blew her off, and started paining. Got her all done about 3 days...
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    I Can't Edit my Signature

    OK Got it, don't like it, but understand why.
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    I Can't Edit my Signature

    I've tried several times to edit my signature, but it just tells me I have 19 too many lines of information, and won't let me delete, or add any other information. I'm not a computer wiz, so I'm relying on one of you guys to guide me in my lack of understanding - Thanks, AZ
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