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    Heavily modified M715 questions

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    Dodge Pu & M715 frame bolt pattern

    nope, not even close
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    M725 radiator

    Gary, yes its still available. Its nice but to be honest it needs a new core. Bob 423 384 8938
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    M725 radiator

    Pm sent
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    Cummins 400 turbo boost and temp question

    Even @ 1000 deg. You,ll put cracks in piston domes............
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    save M715 original or making it practical ?

    45 MPH is wide open............ forget diesels cost is very prohibitive and the noise is horrible plus it stinks . I have 4bt,s and 6bt,s and I would not install one for myself under NO circumstances. sbc is the way to go imo. 1 day out, 1 day in and your done. I,ve done a bunch both...
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    Operation Urgent Restoration II The M715

    put a sbc in it , you,ll be glad you did. I have a N.O.S. 230 BUT ITS EXPENSIVE..............
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    M725 radiator

    I,ve got a stock m715 rad that needs core work reasonable. bob
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    Cummins 400 turbo boost and temp question

    anything over 1000 deg on hot side is in the melting zone
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    Cummins 400 turbo boost and temp question

    You arnt building boost because your not loading the engine enough to make it work. Trust me that 3801919 will melt pistons, 40 plus lbs os boost no problem. I ran em on my semi for over 20 yrs YOU DONT NEED ANY DUAL FUEL LINES, THATS KIDDIE THINKING. 1 NUMBER 10 AN LINE WILL FEED THE PUMP NO...
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    M 715 motor swap

    I have some bolt in mounts, goes on stock frame horns. no mods needed to truck. call for details. bob 423 384 8938
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    engine swap

    or its a kit I mfg. call for more info if you l ike.Theres more in my kit but I didn't post pic,s of it all. BOB 423 384 8938
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    Civilian parts list?

    no civy parts inter change hardly. I have a new carb kit. 65.00 and shipping bob 423 384 8938
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    M715 Engine

    Best swap is sbc
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    Desired front axle caster and pinion angle

    you can also measure off the end of the yoke for pinion angle. lastly theres only 1 ajustment done with the tie rod ends.
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