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    Allison 1545 Automatic Transmission Specs

    Okay, guys, if anybody is still checking this thread, I found some info (maybe outdated) on these 1545 trannies. Gear ratios: 3.45, 2.25, 1.41, 1.00 to 1.00 and R 5.02 It shifts 1c, 2c, 3c, 3L, 4L . C = converter, L = locked clutch L 27.2", W 20.7", H 18.9" and weighs 302 lbs Mounts to a #3...
  2. Bear9127

    To Post or not to Post

    Yes, indeed, post the nose art from the old soldiers. Flying soldiers that is. It's historic artwork of bygone era that should not be forgotten. :beer:
  3. Bear9127

    M105 wheel / brake drum help

    Thanks for the replies and insights. Maybe I should check with the local trailer repair shop and see what a 6K or 8K pound axle would run. :D
  4. Bear9127

    M105 wheel / brake drum help

    Oh, I forgot,.... Thanks ACMUNRO for the Isuzu NPR interchange info.
  5. Bear9127

    M105 wheel / brake drum help

    Will be buying an M105 pretty soon. Yes, I do realize how big they are. Had an M101 that I bought to build a camper trailer on and found that I want something a bit larger. Already sold the M101A2 with the spare parts. Read a lot of threads, and printed several for quick reference, hope I'm not...
  6. Bear9127

    Eglin AFB access

    Transman, Last night my girlfriend informed me that the county has written us a citation, (fix it ticket), charging us with too many inoperative vehicles not hidden by a (privacy) fence. So I guess I have to take back my invitation for parking, and get rid of a few toys. aua Love it when...
  7. Bear9127

    Eglin AFB access

    Hi Transman, Congrats on the Dodge tug win, (you beat my poor timing). You are welcome to store it at my place, ( 3.25 acres ), near Eglin AFB. Milton, FL - Check out "Nichols Creek Rd, Milton, FL 32583" on Mapquest or Google maps. I was going to call "Kell Recovery" to pick it up for me if...
  8. Bear9127

    In the EUC holding pattern

    Won the M105A2 on 13 May Final EUC submission 20 May Gone to BC 21 May Many Thanks to Brandi at GL for all the assistance and patience in getting the paperwork up to snuff . Hopefully, I'll have time to get my tranny rebuilt before I have to drive the 340 miles to pick it up in...
  9. Bear9127

    euc process

    Hi All, Lurking, Listening, & Learning. My 1st auction buy in several years, an M105 from sale 5188 sitting at Jacksonville, FL. Was the only bidder on it, so I got it for $150 + $ = $173. Many thanks to Brandi for helping ( babysitting ) me thru the EUC etc submission, and getting it...
  10. Bear9127

    In the EUC holding pattern

    Been lurking here a little, Thanks for all shared info. Just won a M105A2 from Jacksonville, FL. Just $150.00, plus seller's premium and sales tax - $176.55 Just got my "Awaiting Payment in Full" invoice today, waiting for them to actually charge my card. Ball is in their court now, unless I...
  11. Bear9127

    My new M109A3, Want the box?

    If you still have it, and are willing to sell it outright, let me know how much you need for it. Those 109 boxes are kinda hard to find.
  12. Bear9127

    5 Ton Bolt Pattern

    :) :oops: Thanks for the help to my seemingly ignorant question. I tried to mount some civilian aluminums on the m813a1 I had a few years back, and they wouldn't go. Therefore my confusion. Again, thanks...
  13. Bear9127

    5 Ton Bolt Pattern

    And what is that OTR bolt pattern? Since I don't have wheels, I have nothing to work from.
  14. Bear9127

    5 Ton Bolt Pattern

    Hopefully, somebody can let me know. I've been looking for over 3 hours now, using the search function and cruising the site. No luck so far. What are the lug bolt pattern and the center diameter of the 5 ton trucks, and maybe the stud hole diameter? Found a rolling chassis cheap, but it is...
  15. Bear9127

    Ever had one get away?

    I have never let one get away, even got a good deal on an M813a1: $837 from Camp Shelby a while back. However, had no sf97 just a bill of sale. My ex girlfriend sold it for $500 to a house mover while I was on the road.
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