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    Zero Energy Trailer - Solar/Diesel hybrid - Know anything?

    You might want to reach out to He got some surplus solar / generator / light trailers that he setup into a solar setup at his house. Some of the stuff on that trailer looks similar to what you he had. Best of luck.
  2. bikeman

    OH Anybody have USAA for their military vehicle?

    USAA insures my M38, My M880s. They won't insure my Harley though and I have that through Progressive, which they have an agreement with. (literally progressive for USAA customers). Some may have to do with how "little" information is on NC titles. There's simply not a lot to go on. Both...
  3. bikeman

    Does anyone have a dragon stencil painted on their truck?

    2ID hasn't had organic ADA in quite a while. 35th ADA BDE is the commanding organization for 2-1 ADA Bn and 6-52 ADA BN right now. 210th Fires BDE did not contain any patriot. They may have contained an Avenger unit, but I don't think they did.
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    Someone get this and put it atop a MV

    Here ya guys go.
  5. bikeman

    Last HMMWV produced/serial numbers?

    has already happened.
  6. bikeman

    Official 2022 Denton Military rally thread, April 23rd-24th

    Thank you all for even the 'short' visit. I really appreciate it, especially CGarbee for fitting me in. Your food is always great and your skills are appreciated! It was really nice seeing everyone. A well needed break, but not enough. Working a plan for next year to be out for longer and...
  7. bikeman

    Official 2022 Denton Military rally thread, April 23rd-24th

    I will be there... No idea what I'm bringing. I've not gotten much done in terms of wrenching.
  8. bikeman

    Everything is gone from the govplanet account.

    everything is ok on mine. maybe log out, clear cookies and try again?
  9. bikeman

    Deuce Camo Active Duty

    My Plan is to do my M880 in Dual-Tex. Not sure when I'll get around to it though!
  10. bikeman

    Mystery item on FLA M997

    Soldier posted on Reddit, trying to figure out what this is, and/or how to operate it. I've never seen anything like it. Link to the thread is above, but for posterity, picture is attached as well.
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    M38 potential project questions.

    It's not bad... it's got a few parts that go missing. but it's been converted to 12v. has an aftermarket (non-OEM) air filter/inlet, and carb, and obv the fuel tank. Honestly, it probably would be a good restore candidate, but it definitely wasn't worth $4k. Would be good for $1-2k. Best...
  12. bikeman

    Neat or other things you found when you purchased your truck

    My CUCVII came with a whole host of stuff. Maintenance packet, airfield placard/instructions, Pre-Shift inventory including SINCGARS S/N, and some other stuff. the vehicle was definitely prepped as if it had just come off shift and was going to be sent to another unit instead of DRMO.
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    MEP-1070A assist request (VFD)

    They changed it to AESIP and accounts are all FUBAR. I got mine realigned, but haven't gotten anything to show I have access. Figured I'd give it a few days and try again at the end of the week.
  14. bikeman

    MEP-1070A assist request (VFD)

    Thanks for the digits gents, my ETM account is having issues. Got hard copies ordered, hopefully they show up fairly quickly.
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