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    for what it's worth, I picked up one of those Navy Weapons (bomb) trailers, added railings and some plywood to make signage, and use that. That way we aren't relying on a specific prime mover. Anyone who has a truck can pull it in the parade.
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    Denton NC 2021

    Thanks, and dang. I had a buddy that was potentially a dealer. Oh well, maybe some will still show and setup outside.
  3. bikeman

    Denton NC 2021

    Garbee, looking forward to your cooking, I've always enjoyed it. Getting excited. I'm hoping to escape here on Weds. I have to do some work on Tuesday though, so, we shall see.
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    Using FOIA to get truck info

    Guyfang, I'd agree, but then I was pulling info for trucks that had been surplused out decades prior when I still had access to that system. Now, it wasn't complete records, just last unit of assignment usually. But it was interesting how much I could find. JW, no clue on the USMC, but it...
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    The New Blue Caboose. tl;dr article about new Navy armored cabooses.
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    Official NC Denton Rally 2021 Buy/Sell

    All, Just thought of this, I will be offering Notary Public services for the state fee of $5. Since it occurs in NC, I can notarize it. I may want to do a bit of research on exactly what you are presenting if it's anything more than normal.
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    Official NC Denton Rally 2021 Buy/Sell

    I've just gotten in some NICE condition Large size older gear. Some Cold Weather gear too.
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    Ciao dall' Italia!!!

    Welcome, Nice Truck! Does it even fit on the streets over there?
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    Some welding trucks for your perusal

    Welding trucks are a fascinating sub-culture of trucks. Almost always on a 3500/350 or even larger chassis, 100% work in the bed, with almost no room for anything else, and then some have been absolutely pimped out in the cab/front. The amount of capability for a specific mission puts even the...
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    Official NC Denton Rally 2021 Buy/Sell

    I'll bring my old UCP ACUs, usually on the larger side. I honestly don't know what else at this time.
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    Denton NC 2021

    I'm always game, just depends what will be brought.
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    USAF Vehicle Markings - Overseas

    the only thing I can say for certain is that the USAF HMMWVs that were "allocated" to the USAF guys, but required US Army to maintain while I was in Korea, did NOT have a white star. IIRC of the 3, 2 were OD Green and one was woodland. All 3 had decals (vs. paint) on the hood that siad "U.S...
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    HMMWV M998 presentation across the Atlantic.

    This is interesting as I just had the chance to get an eye on some brand new JLTVs in a motorpool... all of which had load/dimension data plates on the rear fender. I should have taken a picture but didn't. To me it makes sense. easier to figure out load data when you don't have to crawl in and...
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    UNKNOWN Motorcycle I.D.? and other questions? (Now ID'd at KLR250)

    KLR250. USAF used as well as USMC.
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