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    Removing footwell box

    If you can remove the rear seat boxes without damaging them I'd be interested in buying them, Some of these trucks are so old the pop rivets themselves are oxidized to heck. I had to remove a set of older Driver Seat floor plates which are similar installation to the rear seat buckets, except...
  2. Crapgame

    MRE Heater wanted.

    What about the RAK-15 Ration/Water Heater, Vehicular? I've seen them installed in Danish SF Julkat Recce HMMWVs for heating tea water.
  3. Crapgame

    New top and curtain! Top doesn't fit the bows, though!

    I think both Wolfer and Seco may carry some parts made in Asia. Possible you were shipped a Chinese-mfg top that is out of spec. Wouldn't be the first time a US company paid a Chinese company to replicate a US part, the samples arrive in the US exact copy but when the production parts arrive...
  4. Crapgame

    New 4L80 install

    What parts are you short? The TCM protective housing with TCM module?
  5. Crapgame

    Help with bumper numbers

    314th and 315th Infantry Regiments used to be part of 79th Infantry Division until the 1950s, then became 79th Army Reserve Command in Pennsylvania. I was Mortar Plt, HHC 1/315th Inf 157th SIB, 79th ARCOM out of Germantown Philadelphia 1986-1988. In the 1990s or early 2000s, the Army...
  6. Crapgame

    Mystery Dash Switch in 1986 M998

    For RAWL Rotating Amber Warning Light, all our vehicles, from M1025 HMMWV to M125A2/M106A2 Mortar Tracks had them in Berlin.
  7. Crapgame

    MTS II/ Movement Tracking System

    NecroPost CPR: MTS-2011 Start up Manual: MTSMUV2MT2011 Satellite Modem User Manual MTS User's Manual Comtech EF Data ( Part 2: MTSMUV2MT2011 Satellite Modem User Manual MTS User's Manual Comtech EF Data ( Part 3: MTSMUV2MT2011 Satellite Modem User Manual MTS User's Manual...
  8. Crapgame

    GMV roof holes

    A different GMV with 28v Dimensions 120v AC Inverter: The small problem with the source material is, it is not organized as a "Walk Around" of each individual truck as a separate file. Most of the trucks are M1025A2 based, about 1/3 are REV/ECV based GMV. We have one SME who had one of...
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    hmmwv tachometer installation

    Is that a 24v Map Light out of a VW Typ 181 Thing or Typ 183 Iltis?
  10. Crapgame

    GMV roof holes

    The confirmed original GMV photos I have that are clear enough to read the inverter labelling indicates both 14v and 28v inverters were mounted in that right rear ceiling position. There is the visible plate top top the roof sealed all around with silicone as well an another interior mount...
  11. Crapgame

    Ibis tek tire carrier looking for bracket measurements

    The Ibistek lowerable Spare Tire Carrier, a guy named Daniel Urban in HMMWV Group on fascistbook has already made a few replacement brackets that are often missing from the Ibistek. If you still want to build the brackets yourself I can make a basic sketch separately.
  12. Crapgame

    Looking for help with 4L80E transmission on an M1123 HMMWV

    Welcome to HMMWVs, Jr. Good luck with the troubleshooting on your TCM. There are several versions of that TCM each with different shifting points based on speed and the truck variant/GVW. I think eventually, every single task in the Organizational and Direct Support TMs will be found on...
  13. Crapgame

    Winch problems

    Milemarker Hydraulic Winch uses the yellow plastic handled 3 pin cannon plug controller. Part # 12469356-2 NSN: 6150-01-475-8835 The A0-A2 HMMWV Warne electric winches use the black rubber coated handle with toggle switch, and square box 3 pin connector (looks like for the Cadillac Valve...
  14. Crapgame

    102 inch whip antenna

    AKA Rear Fender Housings, nothing to do with guitars.
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