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    NP208 Rebuild

    That looks a little rough. Check this out. Refreshing Gunny the thread. | Page 2 | SteelSoldiers I posted a large picture of the output flange yoke of an M1008 NP208 C
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    Ebay Aluminum Radiator Installation

    You are becoming an excellent mechanic to work on antique trucks. You are a good student.
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    Inner fender wells

    Use 1981 - 1991 C/K 10 -30. These are all the same. Chevrolet Truck Parts | Body Components | Inner Fender | Classic Industries I just google 1981-1991 GM K10 truck inner front fender aprons. Many have in stock.
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    Sounds like a misfire please help!

    Delphi #CHFP906 CUCVRUS Repair Projects | Page 4 | SteelSoldiers Check it out. I posted a thread and show the correct pump and the incorrect pump and explain the difference. I stock 2 of the correct pumps at all times just because the confusion never stops with all suppliers. Good Luck.
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    M1009 Little Red Riding Hood.

    The bumpers, brush guard, and hitch assembly came off this truck. I drove it 10 years like this and then painted it 686 tan. The bumpers, brush guard, and hitch assembly were so nice I used another set and eliminated a crusty rusty set of parts that needed refurbished anyway before they became...
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    M1009 Little Red Riding Hood.

    I carefully choose the bumpers and pintle assembly I am going to use. Bumpers are already sealed and painted in 383 CARC and the hitch is ready to be scuffed and painted again. I didn't want a rusty beat-up set of bumpers and a rusty seized hitch to work with. These were part of some of my...
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    M1008 Build

    Garage Tech with Randy Rundle: Cooling System Clean Out - What To Use And How To Do It. (
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    M1009 Little Red Riding Hood.

    I had this grille on an M1009 that I changed the color to 686 TAN. The paint is really nice so I will just scrub it and sand it with 180. I sanded it and scrubbed it really well. Nice and clean. So clean it received Gold Bowtie of excellence. Then onto the brush guard. I am tired of sanding...
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    M1009 Little Red Riding Hood.

    I had to go upstairs and look for a few more parts. I found some neat stuff I didn't even know I had. Brand new cab mount base washers, excellent used ones. Keep in mind I was stripping CUCV's in 1995 and stashing parts from the ones I didn't repair. I was picky back then. I found another...
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    M1009 Little Red Riding Hood.

    I was out after lunch and started sanding more parts. I have to stay at it to get it done. I hand sanded the grille trim and headlamp bezels. I discovered I had a broken tab on one left bezel, and it was mop painted with CARC. I know where there is one that the broken one will work perfect...
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    CUCVRUS Repair Projects

    I was out sanding parts for my current build and the trim parts for my next build. I was tired of hand sanding parts and wanted to address the step bars on my Trail Boss. These are Genuine GM stainless steel steps. After 3 years and 8 months they are worn thru. I wouldn't mind but it reflects...
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    Arrived...........the M1009/BIAB1 from german M1008

    It never ends. I could never reproduce a flawless old vehicle no matter how hard I try. I struggle to make things as excellent as possible. I always expect vehicles to be trouble.
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    CUCVRUS Repair Projects

    I was out in the barn refurbishing some CUCV cabs if anyone wants a primo cab hit me up. It has to be for a C5500 and up. Have a Great Day.
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    CUCV Bucket Seats - Some ???s

    Place a Parts wanted post in the Classifieds. And finding nice bolt in and use M1009 seats at this point in the game will be difficult. Finding rebuildable ones will be difficult but I think still an option. Must they be stock color? And seats only not the base pedestals? Send me a PM sometime...
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    M1008 Build

    Rodding a Radiator You take your clogged but undamaged radiator to a competent rad shop. The top and bottom tanks are desoldered from your old radiator. A thin rod is run through each core to dislodge any debris. Everything is thoroughly cleaned in muriatic acid.
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