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    Steel Soldiers giveaway sponsored by

    Count me in please MK
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    Gauge Cluster

    Thank you, That sounds like a job for my son (little hands). M
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    Gauge Cluster

    Alright everyone, While this may be the stupidest question ever asked, I am trying not to damage anything in the cluster. I am trying to replace the temperature gauge in my M35a2. As I removed the panel, I found that the cables are not long enough to give me access to the rear of the panel...
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    Big Mike’s Motor Pool

    I am sure that this has been said before, but I am very impressed with Big Mike’s. I have had several orders from him so far for our M35. His parts descriptions are spot on and extremely helpful. His shipping speeds are amazing, and the items are always professionally packed and agood quality...
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    Head lights not working

    I greatly appreciate any responses to this thread. The young man who posted this is a 14 year old working on a deuce for the first time. He and I have been a great follower of this forum for years. His brothers have restored a few m35’s and he is working through this one with very little...
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    Head lights not working

    He is definitely right, although a lot of people arent that skilled with those. Probably a
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    HELP in Knoxville TN

    Awesome, thanks for the replies. Does anyone know the specific size of the hose? Also appreciate the feedback on replacing the hoses. Will be done ASAP.
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    HELP in Knoxville TN

    Fellows, I had to drive my deuce to work this morning to clear the driveway for my wife's yard sale...anyway: Lost all of my brake fluid right before I got to work. Luckily its in the parking lot. There is a T-fitting/hose that ruptured right above the front differential. Does anyone know...
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    New paint project

    Wow! So glad you decided to paint her. I could feel the pain all the way down in Tennessee.... I think it was destined to go to someone who would make it OD Green again.
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    Need help identifying this...

    Pictures of the Canvas here are some pics...
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    Need help identifying this...

    Guys, Need a little help here. When I purchased my deuce, there was a LOT of canvas and canvas+screen in the the drop side bed. I have attempted to figure out what it is and the best I can come up with is some type of tent. There are no nsn markings on the canvas at all, but it does have...
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    Recentered HEMTT wheel install

    I'm new to this sight, but have been reading many posts. This is a very easy to follow description of how to mount these tires/wheels. My sons and I aim to build a bobber starting in March. I guarantee this post will be helpful. Thanks for taking the time to chronicle and photograph this...
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