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    Sounds like a misfire please help!

    Your timing needs to be bumped up. Even if it does not solve all of your problems, you should start by lining up your timing marks and give it a test drive. I'll bet it will run 100% better.
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    Sounds like a misfire please help!

    I don't think you want to pry straight in one direction with a bar. You need to rotate the pump as you apply pressure. A strap wrench as stated would be a much better method. You definitely don't need to remove the manifold. An extra person to pry while you twist would get the job done. If you...
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    Sounds like a misfire please help!

    There is no reason that you should not be able to move the injection pump forward. After loosening the three nuts have someone help you to twist the pump forward. Two extra pair of hands should help it move. Maybe even a tap with a mallet on a piece of wood from a friend while you twist will get...
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    Sounds like a misfire please help!

    It sounds like it might be in your valve train. You might want to remove the valve covers and check your plastic valve retainers. You might have a broken valve retainer.
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    Ebay Aluminum Radiator Installation

    I think you will need to take it to a radiator shop. If the threads are actually stripped, you won't be able to tap the threads the same size as the cooler line fitting. If you crossed threaded the threads and did not get to far into the threads, a bottoming tap may repair the threads enough to...
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    Broken Starter Bolt

    It's my understanding that the starter bolts are designed to break under extreme conditions to protect damage to the block.
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    Ebay Aluminum Radiator Installation

    Spectra Premium CU850 at Amazon $499.00 7 left.
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    Refreshing Gunny the thread.

    Give Energy Suspension #31152 G available on Amazon a look, I believe these are the correct ones. Others will say otherwise, and other ones will work, but I believe these are the correct ones. I researched for a M1008. if the M1009 is the same then these will work.
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    CUCVRUS Repair Projects

    The brick work looks nice. Anything and everything that is wood will rot in the ground eventually.
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    Wanted CUCV low coolant module

    Hillbilly Wizard would be a good place to check.
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    CUCV M1008 Build

    Are the belts you got from Hillbilly Wizard the AC Delco ones you show?
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    CUCV M1008 Build

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    CUCV M1008 Build

    The leak of antifreeze at the weep hole would most likely indicate the water pump is in need of replacement. It is something that should be fixed without delay.
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    M1009 Little Red Riding Hood.

    It's good to have a project that you're excited and energetic for after all the time you have spent on vehicles. This sounds like one that you're really going to enjoy.
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    Bus Bars Configuration Help PLEASE

    You should replace them with the functioning ones you ordered.
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