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    CARNAC's Historical VIN INFO Thread

    Sorry guys, I've been out of town. My objective is to get all of the Excell spreadsheets loaded here too! As you can see from the items CARNAC has sent, there is a lot of data. Coming soon ...
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    CARNAC's Historical VIN INFO Thread

    As CARNAC noted above, I have the Microsoft Excell spreadsheets for the .pdf files. Same information just a different format.
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    DIY camper box construction- what sizes/wall thickness steel or alu have you used?

    West Systems epoxy is widely used in the maritime industry. They are good folks to work with too. West Systems has a method to bond just about anything to anything. They have detailed instructions and videos on their website. Customer support is also available for more unusual items...
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    Allison M916 + Mk48 Cab = 6x6 "FEMTT"

    Welcome back Soni! Hope you and yours are doing better. Your ideas have inspired us all and we look forward to learning more. Stay safe and stay in touch, firefinder
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    Happy 2020 Steel Soldiers

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    Generators and Amateur radio

    There are several amateur radio operators on the forum. I'm KB9YSA, but not very active on the nets. You might also check out Stay safe and stay in touch, firefinder
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    I have joined the club ! And yes I have lost my mine !

    Don't know about the Chinese manufacturers, but I believe Eberspacher and Webasto suggest mounting the fuel metering pump vertically to expel the air and maintain pump lubrication. Keep us posted on how the heater operates in the cold!
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    98G Hard earned thanks!

    As Simp said, crop circles in the midwest probably did have something to do with 98G. Wouldn't doubt it if inter-galactic visitors met 98G somewhere along his journeys for a necessary part! 98G is a great guy to work with.
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    Farr West, UT - Local Pickup and Short Term Storage

    Simp, Thanks! I forgot about the member map. I sent Gunzy a PM and email. Stay safe and stay in touch, firefinder
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    Crimper model numbers

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    M840 Year of Manufacture

    Trying to determine the year of manufacture on an M840 Shelter Dolly. I've found references from about 1966 - 1990 from tech manuals and other resources (some of these dates may be due to prior references of other items). The dolly needs to be registered and titled. Any experience with these...
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    Farr West, UT - Local Pickup and Short Term Storage

    Any contacts for local pickup and short term storage from GovPlanet location in Farr West, UT? I have a shelter and 2 smaller containers that need to be moved off site until I can transport. Thanks, firefinder
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