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    M1078 LMTV Fix-up Thread

    Hang in there!....Someone will suggest something. You have done fabulous work and are an excellent trouble shooter. It will work out
  2. flyfishtrailer

    Help Identifying these brackets

    Thanks All....I will pull them off s they serve no purpose for me and are not military.
  3. flyfishtrailer

    Help Identifying these brackets

    Hi Experts.....I have been wondering for a while what these brackets might be for and finally took pictures to get your expertise. I think they may be for a PTO set up, but I don't want to guess. There is one on each side, mounted to the frame. The history on my M1028 is that it was with the...
  4. flyfishtrailer

    M1101 Tail Gate Fastener Points

    Mine is the same way. I am guessing that those are for structural integrity of the tailgate as it is two pieces , not including the top and bottom caps.
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    MKT-75 It started out that I wanted to make a tactical burger. tell the story though so share when you can
  6. flyfishtrailer

    MKT-75 It started out that I wanted to make a tactical burger.

    Awesome......time to share the recipe LOL
  7. flyfishtrailer

    New guy from NC with M1028

    Welcome....I bought my first 1028 this year and spent about 2 months making it new again and trying to keep it as it was 36 years ago. Lots of fun and I love driving it around. I thought mine had low miles at 27,500. Starts right up and cruises along at 55 LOL.
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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Really would like to see pictures of the troop seats when your done...Looks awesome
  9. flyfishtrailer

    Glow plug controller / manually glow System

    My M1028 truck went to a small mountain fire department after serving in the Air Force. Someone there put in a momentary switch and it works great, just have to remember to push the button and hold until the GP heat up enough to start. I have put about 3,000 miles on it since I bought it and...
  10. flyfishtrailer

    Heading to Plymouth in the Am Buy/Sell/Trade

    I am heading to Plymouth tomorrow to spend the weekend. I am going to set up the MKT and have a great time looking at all the other folks rides. Since nobody started a buy/sell/trade thread I thought I would start opne since I spent the day packing. I live close so I can return home if I forget...
  11. flyfishtrailer

    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    So after spending the better part of 2 months refreshing my M1028, I figured it was time for my maiden voyage. Drove from Sacramento to Las Vegas to Yermo and back to Sacramento,. Knowing I was looking at 55MPH or so max speed, I took the scenic route down the back side of the Sierras on 395...
  12. flyfishtrailer

    Plymouth, Ca April meet info

    Really getting excited about this show......has anyone started a thread for buy/sell/trade stuff yet?
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