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    WTB M35A2 Seat Cover Set

    Got a contact for those CnC seat covers? Thanks, D
  2. G744

    M820, What's the story?

    I have one of those van bodies here, used as a parts storage. If someone bought me a similar-sized storeroom, you could take it away. It needs work, but my price is low by comparison. I'm just outside the Phx metro. DG
  3. G744

    New guy from Arizona

    Then some dummy says "But it's a dry heat". Yep, the same heat that cooks your turkey... DG
  4. G744

    Adding a winch

    Nuts, bolts, the parts, and busted knuckles is all you need. DDG
  5. G744

    Brake issue…what would you do?

    Where are you going to get vacuum? D
  6. G744

    Brake issue…what would you do?

    Determine what type brake fluid is in it first: DOT-3 or DOT-5. Don't mix 'em! Dennis
  7. G744

    Bought a Deuce need some advice

    Leave it 24V. Life is much easier after you get your head wrapped around why it was done that way. Dennis
  8. G744

    M35A2 brake light issues

    A note: The stop light circuit also routes thru the headlight switch, which steers the power to the turn switch, or the blackout stoplight(s). DG
  9. G744

    Big cam III in a 5ton?

    A governor is your friend, not a 'flexible' device to sate your 'instant gratification' desires. Don't monkey with it. The only time they will let you down is going downhill in a gear that seriously overspeeds your engine and the result will usually catch up to you quickly. Dennis
  10. G744

    M35A2 brake light issues

    The L&R brake lights are independent, and are routed thru the turn switch. This allows one lamp to do two jobs: Stop and/or turn. Many times I've come across those switches with one or more functions burned open from shorts to ground downstream. "Things worked fine until I plugged in my...
  11. G744

    M35A2 brake light issues

    They need air to operate, too. DG
  12. G744

    Whistler turbo on a Chevy motor

    Many turbos have a removable silencer ring in them to prevent just what you are wanting to hear. Study time! DG
  13. G744

    I have an antenna that needs a radio...

    Tie it back, yessir! Once you get to pay for a bunch of flourescent lights at a truck stop it gets expensive... And a small CB rig in a 30cal ammo can slung sideways under the dash looks fine and works to talk to the great unwashed. Fit the lid back on and it looks stock. DDG
  14. G744

    Split Rim Safety

    10-15 min to get the wheel out of the tire on an 11.00-20 here. 90% knowhow, 10% the right tools. DG
  15. G744

    Joke of the Day

    I guess the joke's on us... DG
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