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    FLU419 SEE HMMH HME Owners group

    I like the longer bar you have. I noticed that your saw doesn't have a bucking cleat installed. Did it come with one? I also noticed that the civilian model of the CS06 saw doesn't have the long flat spike piece mounted under the bucking cleat. Apparently, that was only put on the military...
  2. glcaines

    FLU, no clutch disengagement, and unrelated, no air pressure

    As Speedwoble suggests, check the output directly at the compressor before you do anything else. If the compressor has failed, there is no need to check for leaks, etc.
  3. glcaines

    Replacing Starter Solenoid on FLU419

    I didn't use a screwdriver, but no, the solenoid still clicked and chattered . I finally got the starter out. What a bear that was. The three nuts holding the starter on must have been torqued to 100 ft-lb! I had to use a crow foot socket to access them and a large breaker bar to break them...
  4. glcaines

    FLU419 SEE HMMH HME Owners group

    The Stanley saw in my FLU419 is a Model CS06120M, S/N 1289M. The bar that came on the chainsaw was an Oregon 30959 GA 160ATSA195, P/N 09588. According to Oregon, they have no records regarding Oregon manufacturing this particular bar even though it has an Oregon logo printed on the side in...
  5. glcaines

    Replacing Starter Solenoid on FLU419

    I decided to go ahead and pull the whole starter. I've already removed most of the wiring, but it got dark on me. I still have to remove the wires on the solenoid that are fastened with a screw, which is extremely tight. I could not loosen the screw with the starter in place, so I'll remove...
  6. glcaines

    Replacing Starter Solenoid on FLU419

    I ran a separate line directly to the solenoid and no difference.
  7. glcaines

    MEP003 value?

    What shape are the fuel tanks in? Often, those fuel tanks are all gummed up and nasty if the gensets have been sitting around a long time. I assume they must be fairly clean if you went ahead put fresh diesel in. You might want to go ahead and clean the facet pump filters, and then loosen the...
  8. glcaines

    Replacing Starter Solenoid on FLU419

    I'm having issues with the starter on my FLU419. The solenoid either clicks or chatters when the start button is pushed. After several attempts with the chattering solenoid, the starter engages and spins the engine fast. I cleaned up all of the battery cables and other cables as well to make...
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    Cummins vs Fermont 10KW Gen Set - What makes the Cummins worth a higher price premium at gov.planet auctions

    I wonder if the Cummins gensets are EMP proof? In my opinion all tactical equipment should be EMP proof.
  10. glcaines

    M35A3 wheel beadlocks

    M35A3s came with beadlocks, P/N CSK-15406, NSN 2530013982022, not run flats.
  11. glcaines

    M35A3 wheel beadlocks

    I've removed and re-installed 7 beadlocks on my M35A3 by myself - no Soldier B. It is not that difficult and they do serve a purpose.
  12. glcaines

    BFR's Floozy

    Looking good Joel! That pressure washing made a big difference on the bolster trailer. It pulled really good behind my deuce.
  13. glcaines

    M35a2 from South El Monte Ca to Yuma AZ

    Temperatures can get high and you can be miserable driving in high heat in a deuce, not to mention engine cooling. If you do decide to drive, I would recommend driving after the sun goes down and there are cooler temperatures, assuming that your lights are working well. I've recovered two...
  14. glcaines

    M35a2 from South El Monte Ca to Yuma AZ

    If the truck is running and drivable, why not drive it? Costs a lot less money and can be fun. South El Monte is not that far from Yuma.
  15. glcaines

    Low hour M803A Fuel leak, Cover suggestion

    I had an upholstery shop make me a cover for another piece of equipment I had. The cost for sewing was minimal - the fabric was the most expensive.
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