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    M1009 Engine Wanted

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    CUCV Snow Plow Trucks and Spreaders

    These old girls do the trick.
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    E Brake Cables for Stock CUCV M1028

    GM Part numbers from the Parts and Illustration Catalog. Front is 14053593, Rear is 14064663 LH and 14064664 RH
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    M1008 Cap

  5. GM72K10

    M1008 Cap

    Just picked this truck up the other day. Cap is fiber glass and looks like it had a door. Any one seem similar, and pictures of it complete? Thanks.
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    ALL CUCV duallys are conversions. M1028a2s were converted from M1031s and have an NP205. M1028a3s were converted from M1028s and have NP208s. Both have Dana 70 rear ends. I've had my M1028a2 ten years now.
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    Finally Part of the CUCV Family

    Nice acquisition. Good Luck!
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    Picked this up Monday. M1008 ex Brush truck. Has Body lift, inner fenders removed for when it had the water tank. Used to have a Hale pump on the front that they threw away. Poor Park Ranger thought the steering box was a PTO unit. Runs and drives, always a bonus. Parts truck for other projects...
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    M1028A2 acquisition

    Nice. Good luck with it. Have had mine for 8 years now. Great trucks
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    Looks good
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    Railroad Forum

    Dodge MVs Found this on one of the RR sites. Mt. Holly, N.J. Dodge MVs, 1977, John Stone Photo
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    CUCV Bed Bolts and LMC

    If you want the originals 14013721 gm long bolt 15599971 gm is the short bolt
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