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    Rear Leaf Springs - do they have bushings?

    My 1998 M1078 has 5 leaf springs in the front and 3 in the rear. Not sure why some are different than others. My truck does have the self recovery winch which adds about 1,000 pounds to the truck.
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    M1078 abroad

    Could you provide some details about the snow tires please? Manufacturer? Size? Thank You.
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    LMTV Winch Maintenance

    I have the M1078 with the 11K SRW. I have not had to work on mine but I do use it a fair amount. Mostly to pull trees and logs. I have found pulling cable out in cold weather is a pain in the @#$! If it is really cold I try to anchor the cable end to a tree and back the truck up while the winch...
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    LMTV's show me your WINCH

    I used my SRW to pull this leaning tree over so it would not fall across the driveway and damage the pavement. It had a heavy lean over the driveway. The tree weighed about 20,000 lbs. I know this because I loaded every piece onto the truck. 1 load of firewood, 1 load of wood chips and a smaller...
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    LED Replacement Light Questions

    I just replaced my stock headlights with Grote 7" LEDs (pn# 90941-5). They are fairly inexpensive at $119.00 each, seem to produce plenty of light and are easy to install. The Grote headlight includes a H4 adapter pigtail which I soldered onto the military wires. This allows for the headlights...
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    Tire Changing Fun?

    TM 9-2320-365-10 3-5. CHANGING TIRE (CONT) (15) Route other end of safety chain (23) through flat tire (5) and connect to spare tire retainer (20). (16) Lower cab (para 2-22b). f. Follow-On Maintenance. (1) Remove wheel chocks (para 2-21h). (2) Notify Unit Maintenance that lugnuts need to be...
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    In-Line Coolant Heater Location?

    Warming a cold engine is like thawing your Thanksgiving turkey, It ain't gonna happen fast.
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    In-Line Coolant Heater Location?

    Yes, that is the location. Below the turbo.
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    Aloha from a newby

    Third from Texas is correct. These trucks shift hard. Make sure the truck is good and warm. It takes a while to warm up all that oil. Also, the shifts are going to seem harder when the truck is empty. Try it with a 2 or 3 tons in the back of the truck. It is quite different.
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    In-Line Coolant Heater Location?

    I use a 500 watt engine block heater installed in the freeze plug. In cold winter weather I leave it plugged in when parked outside. It starts easily in temperatures as low as -26F. 500 watts is more than enough for my needs. The coldest I have ever seen at my house is -36F but that was before...
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    1078 PTO Question

    "agree an alternator type belt would not cut it. Maybe two belts would. though? or change to different pulley and belt type such as toothed belt like for timing belts?" I have a 12" Morbark wood chipper powered by a Ford 300 cubic inch stationary industrial motor. The motor turns a shaft...
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    Going to other Countries with an ex-milatary vehicle?

    Quebec, Canada had proposed a ban on all ex military vehicles from virtually all of their roads. It was to take effect about September 1 2019. I am not sure what the status is on that ban now. I am also not sure how that ban might be applied to vehicles registered in the USA.
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