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    MEP-002a Starter trouble shoot question S1 to K-3

    Did you check CR1?
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    Found a M221 Tractor in Yuma, thinking of a rescue

    There are several places I would very much like to live, in the States. Yuma is not on the list. Every time I went through Yuma, was glad to be gone.
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    M36A2 Deuce, any hints before I purchase it?

    Yeah, there was a bunch a HAWK back in the day. We had 120 or so people in the battery, and some trucks went to the field with only a driver. Too many trucks, not enough people.
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    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2021 - September VOTE HERE!

    You are a good man Ken!!
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    Looking for interrupt switch

    This is very much like what you have. Big difference is that this type has a cannon plug. Yours not. Both were even made by the same Company if I recall right. If you want a list of parts, I can post that too. But do not think its a big help.
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    Looking for interrupt switch

    So, what you want to know? It tells you how to check it. It tells you how it works in the system. It is a "Pluck and Chuck" Item. So The -24P will not show you what it looks like inside. If you really, really, really want to know before hand what it looks like, I think I can did up something...
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    Found a M221 Tractor in Yuma, thinking of a rescue

    You will NEVER be able to live with yourself, if you do not go.
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    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2021 - September VOTE HERE!

    A house, a Car/Truck, and a woman, are never done.
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    Toolkit question

    There is a disc, called SKO. Sets, kits and outfits. It has an inventory for all tool kits. Maybe someone in the forum has a copy?
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    Integrated Battery Chargers

    Looks clean LITD, looks clean.
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    I have lights! (Convoy beacons)

    We made them with telescope rods. So we could lower them when we drove around without a rear cover. Raise them them when the cover was on. We had an inner and out rod. Holes drilled through them and could change the hight when needed. Great idea for lights. Good job Ken.
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    I have lights! (Convoy beacons)

    Was wondering when you would get back on dry land and get this job checked off the list!
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    803A Not Running Steady

    Clear sign of wet stacking. There are other reasons for the carbon build up. But you need to run this baby under load, for mutable hours, to see if that the problem.
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    Soldiers and Marines paying to pimp their HMMWVs

    My reserve unit was disbanded right when I retired. We are still extremely tight. We all chat often online and at least some of us attend reunions annually. I think we are a bit of an anomaly. Na. Not really. I have close contact with guys I worked with in 1973, and haven't seen since then...
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    The tale of an '003A

    Ray, First, welcome! Second, you are in the groove. Even though you didn't RTFB to start with, you learned more about your set, fixing that I.P. then most folks will ever learn. So, good job! Its nice to hear a story like yours. Take care and be safe!
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