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    The Great Pocono Arms and Military Show

    Is there any special registration required for bringing a vehicle to display?
  2. hrbergeron

    Issues Starting MEP-005

    Yep, when I pulled the day tank apart to check for blockages and refill with diesel, the float was broken in two. Well I wanted to check if any of the injector lines were clogged, so there's really only one way to find out. Tell that to my headgasket Arguing over semantics.
  3. hrbergeron

    Issues Starting MEP-005

    Turned out air was still in the lines. I had a helper crank the engine while I cracked the injectors until it finally started. Now it's running correctly. What a pain to bleed, HMMWVs are so much easier. Since the phrase goes "two is one and one is none" I'm going to work on my other 005 soon...
  4. hrbergeron

    Issues Starting MEP-005

    Well I have fuel to all cylinders and smoke blowing out the exhaust, so... And the fuel shut off solenoid is getting 24v and working correctly. There's an overspeed sensor on a mep005... near where the oil dipstick is. This one is actually recently new and is working. Yes, it is wired all the...
  5. hrbergeron

    Issues Starting MEP-005

    I have an issue where my MEP-005 will not start. Backstory: Generator ran fine up until around 3 weeks ago when I accidentally ran it out of fuel. Since then after refilling the tank with fuel, the generator will not start. I am getting fuel to the injectors and smoke from the exhaust, but the...
  6. hrbergeron

    Bluetooth Cellphone to VIC-3 Adapter Is Here!

    I already have one of your other VIC3 adapters, but I would love to have one of these too. When they are available I will definitely get one.
  7. hrbergeron

    Hampton Roads

    There's a couple that get together in the VB area. Lookup MVPST. They are mostly on Facebook.
  8. hrbergeron

    HMMWV Red Dot A/C Filter Part Number

    I looked around some and found that there is a different model, "RD-2-4132-0P". The "P" stands for "Pleated", so it is the stronger version filter with the wire mesh on both sides.
  9. hrbergeron

    HMMWV Red Dot A/C Filter Part Number

    This is an old thread, but since I didn't see anyone answer the question, here is what mine says. RD-2-4132-0 "Washable Filter" There is different filter models that will fit. I checked my other hmmwv with the red dot system, and it had no label and the screen mesh on both sides, whereas this...
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    CUCV2/CUCV-II Owners, post pics and info of your truck

    Cold Morning.
  11. hrbergeron

    M1031 Build Thread

    Thanks! I just bought it. Now I need the other one.
  12. hrbergeron

    M1031 Build Thread

    Thank you for the writeup of options. I've probably scrolled and read through about 6 hours of posts here on SS about AC systems and about M1031s. I have found info about the controller and I've messaged the member on here who programs them. Maybe they still do it.
  13. hrbergeron

    M1031 Build Thread

    It could... but the frame on that dually was torched. So I would have to swap the axles if I really wanted it to be a dually.
  14. hrbergeron

    M1031 Build Thread

    That's what I'm planning on doing, swapping an ambulance system into mine. I found a person that is parting out a CUCV M1010 and I'm getting the compressor, brackets, etc, but someone had swapped the truck to 12v and removed the brackets for the passenger side alternators and replaced them with...
  15. hrbergeron


    An interesting idea, and I personally am curious to see this installed in a CUCV. A couple years back, GP sold a prototype HMMWV that was all electric. I remember reading about it from the person that bought it, but don't remember if it was on here or facebook.
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