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    Purchased MK23 with no bed sides! Anyone have any connections??

    ZMPm01, to PM somebody, click on their icon or their name, and then click on "Start Conversation".
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    Tire Balancing Beads

    I have used the balancing beads in a lot motorcycle tires. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. I do not know why. The beads are expensive and you would need a lot for each tire, maybe $100 worth. Also, the beads do create dust inside the tires as they eat away the inside. Sent from...
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    Oil drain valve

    Other studies have shown that it is impossible to get all the oil out of the engine anyway. Even if you drain all the oil you can, there is still a lot in passages, lines, the pump, oil cooler, etc. Plus, you don't want to get all the oil out for obvious reasons.
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    Oil drain valve

    The 7 Tons are very different from the 5 and 2.5 tons. There is no comparison. For example, the 7 tons have the engine mounted high and several frame members are below it. The bottom of the engine is very well protected and it is obvious. In fact, it is all the protection that makes changing the...
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    Oil drain valve

    The valve has a couple of features to prevent the valve from moving by itself. No safety wire is needed.
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    What have you done to your MTVR today?

    OH! And I am almost finished with a new home for the 7 Ton. A 30 by 62 foot building. I made it big enough to hold four 7 Tons but now with a bunch of other stuff in there it will only hold two.
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    What have you done to your MTVR today?

    I changed my engine oil for the first time and when I checked the drain plug magnet is was pretty clean. So that is good news.
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    Oil drain valve

    I did not like the process of changing the oil on these trucks. Having the oil shoot out the side of the oil pan and head straight for the tire seems like a bad idea. Also, I am using 5 gallon buckets and the Cat C-12 holds a lot more than one bucket so then I had to switch buckets while the...
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    Disconnected hose

    Sorry my reply is more than an hour but I was changing tranny fluid and it took a lot longer than I thought. It goes to the tranny on the front driver's side. Here is the proof: And here is where the port is to allow the tranny fluid into the hose.
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    Bringing home my MTVR

    I had the same issue with my passenger fender, well, not hitting a car, just coming off. I used a fiberglass repair kit to fix it. Sent from my SM-G988U1 using Tapatalk
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    Disconnected hose

    Yes, they are the sample points and they are discussed in another thread. Strange that it is disconnected. Give me an hour and I will go see where it goes to on my truck. Sent from my SM-G988U1 using Tapatalk
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    alternator issue

    I would not think you damaged the alternator just by trying to jump especially if the the cut off switch was off. I am not aware of any fuse or circuit breaker from the alternator to the battery. If there is one, it would be big like 150 amps or more. If the alternator is not putting out power...
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    Our MTVR camper:

    Looks like you stopped in Utah. I live about 50 miles South of Boyce Equipment.
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    MTVR Dimensions

    Here are the measurements from my truck - your mileage may vary. 1. 33 inches. 2. My truck was not on flat ground so it is about 65 inches but might be 67. These measurements are in another post too. 3. 80 inches. You should thank me for this because it was snowing and cold as hades...
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    Lmtv bumper on mtvr

    Here are photos showing a LMTV measurements. I am not sure it could be easily done because the LMTV bumper is triangle shaped. Overall width: Distance between mount points: Height of bumper including the triangle part:
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