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    Weird M939 20 foot bed... Insulated/shielded?

    more flavors... I wonder if there were more specialized variants than troop carriers of the long wheel base. There is also the USMC ISO version of the long bed. I suspect most of those were used for cargo and general hauling.
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    Weird M939 20 foot bed... Insulated/shielded?

    there have been many variants of the m927/m928 with specialized platforms. I would concur that your truck bed is used on one of these flavors.
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    HMMWV M998 presentation across the Atlantic.

    Yes, in the desert operations during the wars , some of the stock blackout lights were replaced with the red face round lights used on armor. It does fit just needs a little modification on the washer plate holding it to the fiberglass hood. Many of the special forces trucks did this. Check...
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    HMMWV M998 presentation across the Atlantic.

    That is definitely a "field" modification and not stock/oe. 22= LIGHT SWITCH (S) TO SERVICE STOP LAMP The military uses generic codes on the wiring across most platforms. Look at this post: I don't have my...
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    HMMWV M998 presentation across the Atlantic.

    That is the light that 86humv referenced. It is supposed to be used on the dashboard for gauges. Not sure why it is there ? See if the switch and indicator on the dash turn it on? What color is the light?
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    Gulfway Ins. Limitation WOES!!!

    Yup, I think I was the tip of the wrong spear........o_O
  7. juanprado

    M105 Right Wheel Stud

    Thank you Sir!
  8. juanprado

    M105 Right Wheel Stud

    Looking for a right wheel stud for a m105 trailer. Might take a few for spares. Or would you know a civy part number?
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    M1112 Water Trailer Tm 9-2330-397-13P revised 2015

    This Tm is for the dual axle with four 16 inch tires Water buffalo M1112 Tm 9-2330-397-13P Revised 2015 replaces 2000
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    Super Lug 9x16 tires

    They are belted bias old school tires not modern radials. Would not recommend for that application. I use them for m101 trailers with no issue. I know they need tubes with the old lock ring rims but not sure if they are a tubeless tire for other applications. Might need to verify specs.
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    Ongoing Log Of My 1987 HMMWV

    I would recommend doing the airlift, extension , and tire carrier at the same time. If you want more challenge do the reinforcement and mud flaps and be done with it😀 Not impossible but just have a good supply of bolts nuts, and washers handy. Rig looking good Doc 🤠
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    Weird M939 20 foot bed... Insulated/shielded?

    Interesting, I wonder if the marines with the ISO beds had it also?
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    Caiman Steel Wheel valve thread size?

    I will need to take a picture but not sure if it will be visible as I screwed the hubcap protector covers back on after I aired them up. Coming straight out of the rim maybe 1 inch. It might not be threaded all the way as that makes sense why nothing would grab it but it does feel like G said...
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    Why remove runflats?

    Many thoughts on this. Some do not like the added weight and inertia on the wheels. They tend to ride rough the first few miles after sitting up but then even out. I personally have seen too many trucks on the interstate on their side from box trucks to semi. Don't know the causes but some had...
  15. juanprado

    Caiman Steel Wheel valve thread size?

    I have some black Camian steel wheels with runflats & goodyears on my 5 ton m923. They were brand new and surplused in the GL days at Ft. Polk. I went to air /check them and some were in need of air. I found it a bear to hold the air chuck against the stems and to get air pressure readings off...
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