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    UPDATED: ORV title correction and VIN registration in Louisiana

    Vin stencil is a lifetime plate btw and will save you $. The old requirement for vin stencil starting with Q is no longer necessary; just the numbers. I believe the classic military plate has to be renewed. Only special plates in Baton Rouge can do a Vin Stencil. Local dmv can not. Local can...
  2. juanprado

    Pioneer rack mounting spot

    The pioneer tool rack fits on the tool box with the Jerry can holder. It sits longways along the tool box behind the Jerry Can holder. Both can co exist together. I have a custom non stock wheel chock bracket next to the jerry can bracket infront of the pioneer rack. Will try to post a picture...
  3. juanprado

    Humvee cooling issue

    If you had blow by into the water, you would overheat quickly even idling from my rebuilt engine sales rep days in another lifetime..... You would also have bubbles with the cap off watching the circulation.
  4. juanprado

    Pioneer rack mounting spot

    the hmmwv tools are the same and you can use those on the 5 ton rack pictured earlier. It is the same as the deuce and many others. The hmmwv have a bracket underneath the rear differential and clips to the frame so not likely to adapt easily. Many on here have also mounted the rectangular...
  5. juanprado

    coolant drain plug

    Zero start is the brand I have used before.
  6. juanprado

    ID picture U.S National archives

    The 2nd one looks like an amtech top as they have different door configurations.
  7. juanprado

    FL Registration Service

    Can you give more detail? Do you have a sf97 or is it titled in another state?
  8. juanprado

    coolant drain plug

    I think you would be better served with the heater in the freeze out plug hole than the inline tank, imho
  9. juanprado

    Hmmwv exhaust stack question

    Yes , the longer version is up armored models.
  10. juanprado

    m931 crane capacity

    A1 and a2 had the bigger tire with a different tire carrier and beefed up davit to handle the weight and width.
  11. juanprado

    Thailand 1992 archive photo

    Not sure why that would be needed in Thailand?
  12. juanprado

    Govplanet Emarketplace

    La has a vin stencil law and a military plate law. Easy peasy more than most states. All done in Baton Rouge at the special and prestige plate unit.
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    Happy Thanksgiving. All is well. Driving my M1025 weekly

    Greetings and all the best.
  14. juanprado

    My New HMMWV

    That is the new mail truck for the even slower now snail mail.
  15. juanprado

    Humvee Front Bumper Question

    That is just a channel beam that was a field unit mod
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