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    FLU-419: Looking for Cartridge for Hydraulic Tools Spool On Control Valve

    I took your advice and placed the cartridge and solenoid from one of the front loader spools and placed it in the "tools" spool. Got fluid to the jackhammer, so that identified the problem. Finally, found a replacement cartridge on ebay, under the following info: NSN 4810-01-257-3315, cage...
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    FLU-419: Looking for Cartridge for Hydraulic Tools Spool On Control Valve

    Hello Everyone, Am looking for a replacement cartridge for the hydraulic tools spool on the control valve, but am having a difficult time finding one. Looks like Bosch used to make one, but am not seeing any sellers. (I have the NSN and part # for the Control valve.) Any suggestions would be...
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    FLU-419 Hydraulic Tools Not Working

    Thanks for the info-- greatly appreciated. Will let you know how it goes.
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    FLU-419 Hydraulic Tools Not Working

    Anyone know of a trouble shooting guide for the FLU-419 hydraulic tools? Can't get fluid to the coupling hoses. Observations: Loader and RPM switch on the back both work properly Both hydraulic fluid tanks are full Pressure is fine Tool Switch is properly wired. Front hydraulic pump appears...
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    419 front hyd pump fitting needed

    You might try Expedition
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    New with a couple questions,

    The Handbook just saved me. Couldn't figure out how to wire the tool switch, but the numbering in the diagram was exactly what I needed. Many thanks!!
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    SEE/FLU419 accessories

    Speedwoble, Clearly, you are a man of many talents. And-- just in time for X-mas. :goodjob::not worthy:
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    SEE/FLU419 accessories

    Please add me to the waiting list, as well. Eyes fixated on the: -Cab Gasket -Stainless steel hose for the cross-over air line from the regulator to the air tank
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    Helpful Source to Identify Proper Fluids

    Can't vouch for the products, but the information regarding all the proper fluids, by model, is great:!/component:36841/ :grd: Enjoy
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