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    growler differentials, CV axles, knuckles

    My understanding from a person knowledgeable about these, they used a lot of Ford and other COTS parts.
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    Steel rear airlift bumper

    text my buddy that got them. He's away for the holiday but will see if they are marked when he gets home. He thinks the run may have been so limited there may not be a number.
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    Steel rear airlift bumper

    There are aluminum air lift bumpers. Just helped someone load up a bunch of them at the Letterkenny GP yard.
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    Found New Armored Windshields

    definitely interested, PM sent.
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    2019 Georgia Military Vehicle Rally buy-sell-trade

    Bringing a NOS HMMWV ammo rack for the Howitzer ammo if anyone is building a prime mover. It's in the TM's.
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    24V jump box

    Its mostly a "go" box for me when the EUC's clear and they give me a week to move 20 HMMWV's. The batts are dead in every one of them, so, not much choice.
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    24V jump box

    So I have a few humvees to move coming up soon and I decided that since a few of them cut off when the slave cable is removed, I'd find a more portable setup. Checked all around and the Jump N Carry JNC 12/24 had pretty good reviews, so I coughed up the $325 for it. I figured it would be as...
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    Thank you to ZiggyO

    ZiggyO is one of those stand up, do what he says, credit to the community, kind of guys. Picked up my parts in Indy and met me at the MVPA convention then only wanted a little bit of nothing for his troubles. I cannot say enough about the guy except he is top, top notch. It was great to meet him...
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    Hmmwv roll bar from Indy to MD

    I'll be going to the MVPA convention too if anyone is coming from the Indy area.
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    Hmmwv roll bar from Indy to MD

    Anyone rolling through south Indianapolis that could pick up a 3 piece C Pillar and bring it east for a fee?
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    Polaris MV850

    I'll bring cash and pick it up. Just a phone call away.
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    Polaris MV850

    I have GOT to get me one of those. Drooling on my keyboard here!
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    Scammers trolling our site.

    Just told him I would take everything he had, would pick up myself and pay cash. Waiting for his confirmation.
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    Scammers trolling our site.

    Yep. Tried to get me on my GMV parts wanted ad. Said he had tons of GMV parts, but couldn't name one.
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    GoDove HMMWV GMV, Anyone get EUC?

    "Without cushions". We sure know how to take care of our fighters. (sarcasm intended). I figured I would check around before I had some made. I know they are rare birds so I can't imagine a large or even a small market for them. Thanks, L
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