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    Suggestions for someone in Detroit area to do repairs on m998?

    I do not know of any shops in this area. Your best bet is to call around. I think your best bet is going to be north, like Chesterfield and out from there. I've seen a lot of trucks around me (Croswell), but you can probably find a place south of I-69
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    Dash Brake Light Stays On

    I'd start with the wiring diagram and trace the 12V and Ground sides of the brake light. Just to see if either circuit is shared with the box. Have you done a ground harness on the truck yet?
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    Best way to charge or jump start HMMWV ?

    Definitely invest in a good 24v Charger. For jump starting, I am making a cart with 2 deep cycle 12V batteries that will be wired for 12 and 24 volt with multiple cables, including a NATO Slave cable. This way I can jump start anything.
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    M1097 HMMWV steering problem!

    Correct. "H" is 4x2, "H/L" is 4x4. On dry pavement, you want it in "H".
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    Please help identify door

    The closest I can find so far are these pages from the Crew Armor TB. It looks like either someone mis-marked the NIIN on that door, or there may be a different armor kit with this door in it. The armor door in the attached PDF is close, but the window shape and hinge type is wrong. If there is...
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    Please help identify door

    I'm downloading the Provisioning Bill Of Material (PBOM) for the truck to my computer. Also getting helpdesk over here to fix Java so I can access the IETM for the truck. If this door is in the TM, I can get more detailed. If not...........
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    Please help identify door

    blhar15, That is a door which is part of "ARMOR SET,SUPPLEMENTAL,SMALL ARMS-FRAGMENTATION PROTECTIVE" NSN: 2540-01-552-6333, which goes on the HEMTT "TRUCK, CARGO, GUIDED MISSILE TRANSPORTER (GMT), W/WINCH, 8X8, M985A4GMT NSN 2320-01-534-1887" Hope this helps.
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    MRAP Gun Mount/Ring Question

    1. Most MRAPS use the same Turret and hardware as the M1114 HMMWV. If you look in TM 9-2320-387-24P, any figure that shows turret or O-GPK parts with Use On Code (UOC) XBB will apply. There are some MRAPs that use the M1151 turret, and I do not know much about them. 2. The Ring, Bearing, Armor...
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    M66 Gunner protection kit?

    The Objective-Gunners Protection Kit (O-GPK) in picture 3, I may be able to help with as long as it's not classified. That's the same O-GPK (mounted on an M1114 Turret) that the MRAP Gun Trucks use. EDIT: Sorry, the O-GPK in picture 3 is classified. But!!!!! I can provide you with the Part...
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    More M135 TM's

    The 9-8024 in 4 parts.
  11. M1224

    M135 & M211 TM's

    TM 9-1819AC in 6 parts for M135 Series Trucks
  12. M1224

    1957 GMC, Chrysler OR 1978 AM General 6x6 Deuce

    This guy..... I called several times, voicemail is full. Emailed 3 times, no reply. I guess he just doesn't care about selling the truck.
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    1957 GMC, Chrysler OR 1978 AM General 6x6 Deuce

    I still haven't made it up there to see the truck yet. I'm planning for sometime this week, no later than the weekend since I have Friday off work. I'd usually be a little apprehensive about the title, but knowing the Michigan DMV, They probably have the actual VIN, but the Vehicle Model as M35...
  14. M1224

    1957 GMC, Chrysler OR 1978 AM General 6x6 Deuce

    I was thinking the same thing about the frame..... Could explain the title.. Hmmmmmmm, M35 Frame, GMC Body, Chrysler Firepower Hemi........ It's the Frankenduce! I'm taking as many pictures as I can, of every detail I can.
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    1957 GMC, Chrysler OR 1978 AM General 6x6 Deuce

    ^ what he said :)
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