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    NP208 Rebuild

    . In a real parts house - with an old guy behind the counter and no computer - you might find a seal that replaces yours with a "Wear Ring" in the box. The wear ring is a thing metal sleeve that covers up the grove in your flange. The seal will drive in normally and the rubber part of the seal...
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    M1084A1 M1084 M977 MHC Grove Material Handling Crane Troubleshooting Problems

    . How about a picture? My M1089 has no pin - OR - there was never a pin in a hole on the turntable on my vehicle. The M1084 is by the same manufacturer, so logic says if one is "pinned" the other would be too.
  3. Mullaney

    Going to hook at my first HMMWV Today!

    . You speak the truth @sp00n ! Exactly as you said it... Buy it how you want it, or expect to pay more than you would have spent to buy it "your way". Turbo upgrade and going from a 3 speed to a 4 speed are going to cost as much as buying the truck again.
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    Correct 1982 Army green

  5. Mullaney

    Correct 1982 Army green

    . Like the BGM-109?
  6. Mullaney

    Can't get the engine to idle

    . The hard part is either deciding or knowing - depending on how long you have been in the game - that you have to commit at least a Saturday a month to maintenance. The more you do it, the better you get at doing the job. Then there is the vehicle itself. It is newer or older? Some of the...
  7. Mullaney

    Correct 1982 Army green

    . So, is that a MANN version of the HET?
  8. Mullaney

    M1152 400 Amp alternator voltage jumping.

    . + Edits No this is standard SOP for all these trucks with the standard PCB Box on it. The glow plugs turn on, turn the "wait light" off, then you crank the truck. Then the glow plug controller to "pulse" the voltage to the glow plugs to help warm up the cylinders more quickly. The pulsing...
  9. Mullaney

    Overthinking things again - Grease - Wheel bearings

    . I remember that forever we used Chrome Moly for wheel bearings. There may well be better stuff out there, but of all the things we had go wrong - wheel bearings "going dry" wasn't a problem. The exception for trucks that were in swamps for months at the time... Even then it wasn't because...
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    Master Cylinder Replacement

    . Any chance you could steal the bleeder off your old Brake Booster? Maybe swap one for the other and solve your problem? Might be that the current bleeder got mashed or something like that?
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    Where to get shop service manual

    . Like @Mogman mentioned earlier - don't hesitate to ask questions. No such thing as a dumb question. Unless it gets asked, answered, then asked again ignoring the first answer.
  12. Mullaney

    Rear axle seal leak

    . The "one knuckle" measurement is a good safe fill level for the differentials. Not too much. Not too little. Kinda like the Three Little Bears - Just Right...
  13. Mullaney

    New (to me) M1061A1 recovery and lessons learned

    . Agreed. The drop down dovetail "Departure Angle" will get you hung on a hill if you are out in rough terrain. The good news is that there won't be a lot of folks who will be out in the woods with a truck with air brakes. Spring brakes will put it in place and then you could unload the...
  14. Mullaney

    MEP 805B 806B CIM repairs

    . Do you remember - back in the day - when "Made In Hong Kong" or "Made In Taiwan" was the cheapest, most useless stuff in the world?
  15. Mullaney

    Correct 1982 Army green

    . I would agree except that at some point in time, the US Army sprayed it with CARC. I think there is a date on it too - but definitely has the word stenciled on the door. Maybe they keep wreckers longer than troop transports maybe? I dunno. Mine is definitely an A0. Mine also isn't...
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