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    convert mechanical starter to electric

    Contact me I have the electric starters in stock
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    What am I looking at?

    The steering column appears to be Mule looking at the shaft which is a Mule inner shaft and splined bushing being Mule plus the top bearing retainer for the steering gear best I can see is Mule. In the image showing the shifting instruction plate you can see the swing arm that is on the Mule...
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    Modifying electric starter

    For your Mule needs I keep almost all parts in stock contact me with your request and I’ll send you a quote.
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    Modifying electric starter

    If the mule Starter Gear has the shoulder that the spring attached to then remove it so both sides of the gear are flush. The pinion gear on the VW Starter is slightly larger in OD than the ID of the Mule Gear. You can hand grind each tooth of the VW starter gear or connect it to a battery and...
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    MULe Parts Info

    On top of the piston you have a Letter in Caps either A, B, C or D. Same with the cylinder on the top fin. You should use matching sets A with A. They increase in 0.0005 steps. You can use an A piston in all cylinders. The D piston may have the skirt clearance too tight and could seize in the A...
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    Mule not starting

    Did you get your mule to start and run?
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    New Mule Owner

    I am working on a mule now and the markings are on the front cross member below the starter handle. The Reg # is on both sides of the bed. I am not painting because of these identifications. This is unusual and needed to be saved. I see the 101 AB and think the other below is 3-187. I do not...
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    New to me 1969 M274A5 Bayfield mule

    For general travel driver and passenger I run about 4 psi in the tires to give a softer ride. If hauling fire wood then I go back to 12-15 psi. Going through the woods without a road I keep 12 psi to avoid hitting a stump or rocks and rolling the bead off the wheel. I only run tires that have...
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    Wanted 106mm recoilless rifle parts for mule

    That was my post in G503 Mule M274 Technical At this time I do not plan on selling either M9 Rifles. One is missing the door, firing pin and retainer. I am having them machined and installing a new barrel with the exhaust holes drilled in the...
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    New to me 1969 M274A5 Bayfield mule

    AMGeneral Just sent you an e-mail. I may have the parts to complete your mule. I am located in Toccoa, GA 30577.
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    New member with Mule

    Mike: Welcome to the world of the M274 Mules. The versions ran as such: M274 with the 4cyl AO53 engine 4WS magnesium bed M274-A1 with the 4cyl AO53-1 engine 4WS Magnesium bed M274-A2 with the 2cyl AO42 engine 4WS Magnesium bed M274-A3 retrofitted M274 with the 2cyl engine 4WS magnesium bed...
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    Crank case venting / oil burning issue

    Yes insert the small round gasket then insert the check valve. Gaskets 1-2ea small round gaskets for the check valves 2-Diaphragm push down and 1/4 turn to remove / replace [additional flap should align with top gasket flap 3-Top Gasket align with small pin on body next to one of the screw...
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    Crank case venting / oil burning issue

    Take a pic prior to removing to aid in proper replacement. You should be able to use a punch or a socket from the back side and drive them out from the side that has the 3-4 stakes in the Aluminum shoulder. This will destroy the old check valves. When pressing the new ones in I believe a 3/8...
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    Crank case venting / oil burning issue

    Yes and AC fuel pump kit will ship Thur. Thanks for the order.
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    Crank case venting / oil burning issue

    Yes contact me I have rebuilt fuel pumps and rebuilt kits for the AC flat top 4 screw pumps.
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